Antigua and Barbuda

Discover reef-lined beaches, caves, rainforests and more on a unique outdoor adventure in Antigua and Barbuda!

Antigua and Barbuda are comprised of two islands and several smaller ones in the Caribbean. These beautiful twins are an outdoor adventure haven with plenty of limestone to climb and beaches and rainforests to explore. Find a certified guide on and let them show you the way on a unique outdoor adventure in Antigua and Barbuda!

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Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Carribean, between the Carribean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, they are home to paradisiacal beaches with amazing coral reefs, caves and more to explore!


Good to know:

Country code




Best time to visit

Between November and June


Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), US dollar are accepted


Tropical, hot and humid year-round with rain from mid-June to mid-November

How to get there

Fly to V.C Bird International Airport in Antigua. To get to Barbuda you'll need to take a boat

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The vibrant colors of Antigua and Barbuda will uplift you as you explore the wonderful beaches and forests of the Caribbean haven. Antigua is the most popular of the two islands, and boasts having “a beach for every day of the year”. Barbuda is perfect for those who want a bit more peace and quiet, or to explore more pristine and remote spots. Hiking, zip-lining and horseback riding are some of the exciting outdoor adventures that you can enjoy on these islands. Would you like to discover some of the best spots in Antigua and Barbuda? Then find a certified guide on and let them take you on a wild Caribbean adventure that you will never forget

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