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It is located in Bariloche (province of Rio Negro) and is the largest ski center in South America, with 1200 skiable hectares that include forests, canyons and off-piste skiing areas, as well as more than 60 tracks and paths. The contact with nature is inmediate, as well as the love you will feel for its landscapes.



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June to September

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There are international airports in almost all the provinces of the country. The most frequent and direct connections are in Buenos Aires, from where you can connect with the rest of the country through flights that do not exceed 3 hours


The north of the country is warmer than the south, where there are snowfalls during most of the winter, from June to August. The climatic conditions near the Andes are windy and dry. As we move away from there, the weather becomes wetter and rainier, especially in autumn, from March to June

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Comfort and friendliness, features of Argentina In Argentina, there are excellent networks of mountain huts for those who wish to venture into backcountry ski experiences for several days in the outskirts. You will find good accommodations to spend the night and meet new friends, in Mendoza, San Juan, Neuquén, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, Chubut, Tierra del Fuego and more. The hospitality of its people is another highlight. Because Argentina is a very important tourist center in the region, you will also meet people from all over the world, which will make your experience culturally much more exciting



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