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Discover the untapped adventure of the Slovakian backcountry.

Situated in the center of Europe, Slovakia is home to the Tatra Mountains, a section of mountain belonging to the Carpathians, which divide Slovakia from neighboring Poland. The Tatra’s are an awesome place to ski with the resort of Jasna being particularly popular.


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In the Tatras, you can choose between the High Tatras and the Low Tatras. A hut-to-hut ski tour in the High Tatras is a great way to take in the best slops and the enjoy some Slovakian mountain culture. You’ll get to ascend to heights like 2373 meters. You can ever ski tour in both Slovakia and Poland without leaving the Tatras. Exploring the backcountry of the Jasna resort in the Low Tatras is another great option.



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Slovakia has warm summers and cold winters. Average highs in the summer sit at around 25 degrees celsius, in the winter the average low in winter is 0 degrees celsius but it's common for it to dip below this. The weather is colder in the mountains year round.





How to get there

Fly to Poprad-Tatry and drive or transfer to your final destination.

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Best time to visit

January, February and March.




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Our day with Eduard was eventfull. In the beginning there were few communication problems but Eduard’s son was very nice
and his presence helped because his English was better. Eduard is a good guide but I think the combination of ski touring and avalanche training is a bit too much for people who go on tour for the first time. We had a real adventure and we plan to go on tour again with Eduard in the summer. His enthousiasm for the Tatra is contagious.

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