Backcountry skiing in Ukraine

Venture into the remote high mountains of Ukraine

Wild and wonderful and covered in thick layers of fresh snow. The Ukrainian mountains provide excellent backcountry access along remote and breathtaking landscapes. Often overlooked as a winter hotspot, head to the Ukrainian wildness for your next snow-fuelled adventure. Visit during the winter months of November to March for ideal backcountry skiing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Backcountry Skiing in Ukraine

To the extreme west of Ukraine is a section of the Carpathian Mountains, which run along central and eastern Europe. Rolling remote mountains stretch out beyond the horizon, thick blankets of fresh snow carpeting the peaks and slopes. Time-forgotten villages scattered across the slopes and excellent ski facilities.


Good to know:

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Ukrainian hryvnia

Best time to visit

Visit during the winter months of November to March for ideal backcountry skiing conditions

What’s the weather like?

The country receives a largely temperate climate, with cold and snowy winters and mild summers

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Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is bordered by Belarus to the north; Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to the west, Romania and Moldova to the south, as well as the Black Sea; and Russia to the east. Geographically it is the largest country fully within Europe, with its largest city and capital, Kiev, located along the Dnieper River in north central Ukraine. The Carpathian Mountains run along the western side of the country

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