Cross-country skiing in the Arctic

Discover other worldly beauty and incredible landscapes when you ski cross-country at the top of the world!

In April, the polar night ends and the window for Arctic exploration opens. As the days get longer, head out onto the semi-permanent frozen ice at the top of the world and ski to the North Pole and beyond. “Compare and book a certified guide for your Cross-country skiing trip with 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our Cross-country skiing selection. The mountains are calling!

There are many reasons for choosing Cross-country skiing in Arctic

Skiing across the semi-permanent ice covering over the Arctic is truly a surreal experience. The terrain is expansive and seems to continue infinitely in every direction. At the beginning of the season, as the sun sets, its angle in the sky cast interesting shadows over the landscapes and turns the snow various hues of orange and pink, creating a truly unique view.


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How to get there:

Most trips to the Arctic will begin with a flight into Svalbard Airport (LYR), which can be reached directly from Oslo. Most guides will opt to meet you here and provide transport to the start of the trip

What’s the weather like?

During April, temperatures in the Arctic generally remain well-below freezing, but the days start to become longer and the sun helps to warm you up. Expect high winds and storms as well during this time of year

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There is no land at the North Pole, only ice. Between the end of the polar winter and the beginning of the great thaw, there are only a few weeks in which it is possible to ski to the North Pole. Since 1908, when Robert Peary was the first known person to set foot on the North Pole, it has been the goal of every avid explorer to repeat the feat. In spite of all the advances in modern technology, the list of people who have successfully made it to the North Pole remains quite small. Part of the reason for this is the time commitment that it requires. Any successful cross-country skiing expedition will ake at least two weeks and most guides require a period of training in a glaciated mountain range prior to the expedition

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