Cross-country skiing in Greenland

Discover the stunning scenery and enjoy the incredible solitude that Greenland has to offer!

From the coastal islands to the continental ice sheet, Greenland boasts a plethora of incredible cross-country skiing opportunities. Escape the crowded resorts of other late-season ski spots and escape into the enchanting Arctic wilderness! “Compare and book a certified guide for your Cross-country skiing trip with 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our Cross-country skiing selection. The mountains are calling!

There are many reasons for choosing Cross-country skiing in Greenland

Visiting Greenland can feel a bit surreal due to its completely unique landscape. A massive ice sheets cover the center of the country and is only interrupted by gorgeous mountain peaks and steep fjords that lead down to the shimmering sea. Heading out on a pair of cross-country skis is a great way to see as much of the pristine landscape as possible.


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What’s the weather like?

During April, average daily temperatures in Greenland range from -3 ºC to -10 ºC (26 ºF to 14ºC) and often feel colder due to windchill. April is also the driest time of year in Greenland

How to get there:

Most cross-country skiing trips to Greenland will begin with a flight into Reykjavik Airport (RKV), in Iceland, or Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ). Most guides will opt to meet you atoen of these airports and arrange transport to the start of the trip

More info about Cross-country skiing in Greenland:

Sprawling over 2,166,086 square kilometers (836,330 square miles), Greenland is the largest island in the world. The vast majority of this sparsely populated and glaciated island is covered in a series of massive glaciers, which makes it perfect for all kinds of cross-country skiing expeditions. While few people opt to cross the interior of the continent, due to massive crevasses and a lack of viable support options, it is still possible for hardy explorers. However, most cross-country skiers will opt to head to the eastern or western coastline. Among the most popular options is to head to the Ammassalik region of Greenland and spend a week or two cross country skiing up through various Inuit villages. This region of southeast Greenland is quite remote and promises large stretches of uninterrupted countryside and plenty of great cross-country skiing terrain

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