Cross-country skiing in Norway

Discover Norway's awe-inspiring landscapes on an unforgettable cross-country ski adventure!

Norway is famous for its fjords and mountains, as well as for its arctic wildlife way up north. Cross-country skiing is the perfect way to explore its stunning landscapes, and with a certified guide, you can be sure that you will arrive at Norway’s most unforgettable spots!

There are many reasons for choosing Cross-country skiing in Norway

With mountains rising up next to crystalline fjords, and stunning swirling white snow covering almost everything, Norway is a top spot for cross-country skiing adventure due to its stunning landscapes.


Good to know:

Country code





Norwegian krone

Best time to visit

For skiing, the best time to visit is from February to April


During the summer, temperatures can reach 25℃, even in the north. Winter, however, is predictably cold. The best snow conditions for skiing are during the late winter and early spring

How to get there

Oslo’s Gardermoen airport is the main international point of entry to the country. However, several low cost airlines offer alternatives from the main European cities to secondary airports in Oslo

More info about Cross-country skiing in Norway:

The ski season in Norway runs from February to April, during the late winter and spring. During these months, cross country skiing in this awe-inspiring Nordic country will allow you to explore its stunning landscapes and discover its vibrant wildlife as well. Whether you go all the way up to the Arctic or stay closer to Oslo, the country’s capital, you will find the perfect spot to explore and discover the Norwegian charm

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