Cross-country skiing in Spain

Take on the unusual winter terrain of a classic European destination and enjoy a cross-country skiing trip in Spain!

With a wide variety of natural wonders and a distinctive mountain culture, Spain has developed into an exciting cross-country skiing destination, particularly in the north. From the central hub of Madrid, you can easily reach some of the most stunning snowy destinations for a captivating trip. Grab a guide and hit the awe-inspiring snowfields of Spain on a satisfying cross-country skiing trip that is sure to please!

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There are many reasons for choosing Cross-country skiing in Spain

Spain has a rich history that includes influences from all over the world. Seeing the amalgamation of culture, including art, architecture, and literature, is an adventure in itself. You can boost your cross-country excursion with an enriching jaunt through the Catalan Pyrenees and see northeastern ski communities in a different light. Monte Perdido is a World Heritage Site that can't be missed if you are skiing in Spain.


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Best Time to Visit

Cross-country skiing is best done in the winter months, from December to March. April can also provide optimal skiing conditions


The subarctic climate of the Pyrenees gives way to the Mediterranean climate in the south. Generally warm away from the mountains, winter weather is generally snowy with accommodating cold temperatures

How to Get There

Flying into Madrid or Barcelona will get you close to most of the desirable cross-country skiing areas. You can travel by road easily within the country, with some buses running from Barcelona to the Pyrenees

More info about Cross-country skiing in Spain:

Spain is home to a rich collection of landscapes, particularly for cross-country skiers. The foothills and mountains of the Pyrenees make Catalonia a popular place for skiing, boosted by the unique regional identity of the community and society. Madrid is a huge city, the third largest in the European Union, and a perfect place to begin a cross-country skiing trip. It connects to regional airports and is served by developed road networks to nearly every other part of the country. Many of the courses and circuits near urban centers tend to be even and contain fewer hazards. This makes it a great option for cross-country beginners, contrasted with the more challenging and tall circuits in the north

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