Catskiing and Heliskiing in Albania

Head for the Balkans and make your way to the mountains outside of Tirana for a pristine and unforgettable heliskiing adventure in Albania!

The untamed wilderness spanning its countryside is gaining a reputation for being a beautiful skiing alternative to more crowded areas in the Alps, and what better way to experience it than by heliskiing into its finest powder. With the Dinaric Alps home to some of the biggest snowfalls in Europe and the rugged masterpiece of the Diber backcountry, skiers will fall in love the minute they touch down in the snow. Heliskiing programs in Albania are sure to sooth the purist in every skier and leave a lasting impression that will keep them coming back for more.

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There are many reasons for choosing Heliskiing and Catskiing in Albania

From about mid-November to March, the threat of snow keeps powder hounds on the look out for scenic and solitary runs in Albania. When it snows, hitting the mostly-craggy landscape is a ski dream come true, because the deep snow pack remains untouched. Dropping onto the most hard to reach places all but guarantees you will have exclusive access to the most delectable pockets of powder in this Balkan wonderland.


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January through March are the snowiest and best months for heliskiing trips. December can be a sneaky-good time to squeeze in an early season trip, too

How to Get There

Domestically, bus routes connect Tirana to most of the cities associated with adventure, including Shkodra, Berat, Vlora, and Korca. International flights connect Tirana to London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Istanbul


Wet winters and dry summers dominate the climate of Albania, which can lead to fantastically snowy and cold winters for skiing. The weather can be volatile at higher altitudes, so plan accordingly for backcountry trips

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Albania is a beautiful country of wild and rugged terrain. The undeveloped landscape is home to mountains and forests, with elevations high enough for substantial snowfall in the winter. This is a recipe for greatness as far as skiing is concerned. Many heliskiing programs offer rides to the snowiest regions, taking advantage of the premium powder that falls from the storms of the Adriatic Sea. The Pindus Mountains towards the southern areas of the country offer additional spots for quality skiing. Because of its rugged terrain, a high fitness level and skiing proficiency are necessary to ski safely and comfortably

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