Catskiing and Heliskiing in Norway

Discover the stunning scenery of Norway’s fjords, islands and mountains!

Get your adrenaline pumping as you ski down long mountain slopes, from summit to sea, and sample diverse locales within each region. Heliskiing allows you to get more runs in that regular ski touring and provides the advantage of fantastic aerial views too. “Compare and book a certified guide for your Heliskiing trip with 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our Heliskiing selection. The mountains are calling!

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There are many reasons for choosing Heliskiing and Catskiing in Norway

Travelling by helicopter allows you to reach slopes and mountains that have been untouched by normal ski tourers. As a result, take advantage of plenty of fresh powder on every single run. Above the Arctic Circle is known for plenty of high-quality powder.


Good to know:

Country Code:


Best time to visit:

March to May


Norwegian krone (NOK)


Norwegian, Sami, English

How long should I stay?

Most guides offer one-week long heliskiing trips to Norway. This gives you time to explore the area and takes into account the relatively large amount of time it takes to get there

What’s the weather like?

During the ski touring season, the weather in Norway varies depending on where you are. The west and south tend to be warmer and receive plenty of precipitation. Farther north it will be much colder and a bit drier, but there will still be plenty of snow

More info about Heliskiing and Catskiing in Norway:

Norway is one of the best places for a heliskiing trip on the entire earth. Once you’ve landed at the international airport in Oslo, transfer to a local airport in the remote north and get ready for an adventure. From the Lyngen Alps and Scandinavian Mountains to the Lofoten Islands and the lonely outpost of Svalbard, heliskiing gets you out into the remote reaches of the wilderness, where you could not get to on skis alone. Enjoy spectacular views from the air and get the chance to see some of the country’s unique wildlife, including whales, polar bears, arctic fox and reindeer. At night, keep your eyes peeled for the spectacular Northern Lights. A must-see for your bucket list

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