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Hiking in Austria: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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FAQs: Hiking in Austria

What should I know about Hiking Austria?

Austria is a fascinating country which blends awe-inspiring Alpine sceneries, local traditions, an opulent imperial past and mind-blowing modern architecture. From the captivating Vienna –one of Central Europe’s most visited capital cities– to the outdoorsy Innsbruck –the gateway for visiting Tyrol– there are a lot of possible itineraries to explore. Hiking in Austria is the best option for those with a passion for nature and laid-back mountain villages who want to experience the alpine way of life.

Why should I choose Austria for my Hiking adventure?

Explore the heart of the Alps

Yes, Austria may be world-famous for its winter slopes, but it’s also a haven for hikers during spring and summer. From snowy peaks and glaciers to green Alpine pastures and beautiful lakes, there’s a myriad of landscapes to enjoy. Set out on a hut-to-hut hiking traverse and have a deep experience in nature!

A good network of marked hiking trails

Hiking is very popular in Austria, so the country is well-equipped to allow exciting mountain adventures. There are a lot of sign-posted hiking trails for all levels. Several-day high altitude treks are a fantastic option to reach breathtaking sceneries and wonderful mountain villages. To make the most of your trip, going with a certified mountain guide is highly advisable.

Enjoy local traditions & culture

Besides the scenic Alpine landscapes, Austria boasts a strong passion for music, a vibrant cultural scene, great architecture ‒including opulent palaces from the country’s imperial past‒, deeply-rooted traditions and a delicious cuisine (especially when it comes to cakes and pastries!). Enough reasons to put this country directly into your bucket list!

What can I expect from the weather in Austria?

The weather varies slightly throughout the different regions, but it consists mostly on cold snowy winters (the Austrian Alps are the highest part of the country and therefore, boast the lowest temperatures) and warm sunny summers (not too hot).

Which language is predominantly spoken in Austria?

German (Austrian German)

What currency is accepted in Austria?

Euro (EUR)

How many days should I allocate for my Austria Hiking experience?

Hiking trips to Austria can range from a day trip to a 1-week journey. Hut-to-hut hiking traverses usually take between 5 to 7 days and they can include locations both in Austria and neighbouring countries like Switzerland or Germany.

What’s the country code of Austria?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Austria?

April to October is the best time for a hiking trip to Austria. June and August offer the best weather conditions but they are also a high tourist season.

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