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Hiking in Bolivia: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Hike in the majestic Bolivian Andes home to spectacular snow-capped peaks

Venture into the high-altitude mountainside of the Andes, home to a rich variety of trails and routes suitable for different levels of ability. Its unique landscapes include not only the incredible Andes but tropical rainforest and chains of dormant volcanoes. Its rich terrain mixes with strong cultural and ethnic flavours. Visit between April and November for ideal hiking conditions.

Hiking in Bolivia

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FAQs: Hiking in Bolivia

What should I know about Hiking Bolivia?

Bolivia is a landlocked country bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay to the southeast, Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and Peru to the northwest. You will need some days to get acclimatized to the relatively thin air of the Altiplano, and there is still 2500m of even thinner air above! Bolivia is one of the cheapest destinations in South America. Be aware, traveling here requires a lot of patience and it is not for the faint of heart.

Why should I choose Bolivia for my Hiking adventure?

Majestic Bolivian mountains

The stunning Andes mountain range attracts nature lovers from all over the world every season. The Cordillera Real in Bolivia boasts great peaks over 6,000 meters for an unforgettable high mountain adventure, traversing glaciers, crevasses, enjoying breathtaking views and reaching snow-capped summits.

Picturesque and unique

From the majestic high altitude peaks of the Andes to the vast and lush Amazon basin, and from the desert plateau of the Atacama to the mountains that hug the capital of La Paz, Bolivia presents an impressive range of different landscapes and climates, making it a paradise for outdoor travellers searching for adventure.

Andean culture

Discover the vibrant indigenous cultural traditions and ethnic diversity of Bolivia. Their ancient customs remain present in everyday life, which stretches back long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Get to know and understand them better by visiting local markets and hiring local guides to fully immerse yourself.

What can I expect from the weather in Bolivia?

Bolivia has two main seasons: the dry winter season, from May to October, and the wet summer season, which runs from November to April. Summer months are warm during the day but at night temperatures can drop to around -20º C.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Bolivia?

Spanish, as well as 36 indigenous languages.

What currency is accepted in Bolivia?


What’s the country code of Bolivia?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Bolivia?

Visit between April and November for ideal hiking conditions.

What people are saying about Hiking | Bolivia



We were very happy with the beauty and challenge we found on this trek. We were also pleasantly surprised by some of the more luxurious aspects of it: we had the option to sleep indoors most nights, we had hot lunch served to us riverside one day and were served dinner and breakfast every day, and a car transported equipment we did not need during the day to our next base camp. Our guide, Abraham, was experienced in our route and very knowledgeable. We got food poisoning symptoms pretty badly after three days and had to cut our trip short. Abraham and Dennis were able to get us back to La Paz as soon as we were ready to leave. While we had a great experience in the end, a couple aspects did not match what we were told to expect and made us nervous in the beginning. The TripAdvisor post lists Jaime as the guide and he is who we talked to about details all the way up to when we were picked up. However he never made an appearance and we were never told this would happen or why it happened. We had also requested two sleeping bags each, in case it was too cold, and that information was not passed on correctly. It seemed like our guide thought we were bringing our own sleeping bags, although that was not said not on the packing list. Luckily they still had one sleeping bag for each of us and it was plenty warm. Lastly, it seems the itinerary is subject to change, so don’t count on doing the exact plan sent to you. We were originally told there would be no huts and that we would only stay in Tuni the first night and neither of these turned out to be true. Again, everything worked out in the end, but allowing someone to take you into the wild and handle preparations takes a lot of trust and these miscommunications hampered our ability to fully feel comfortable. I would recommend this company and this trek to anyone interested. I hope the company takes this review as constructive feedback to help make guests feel safe.

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