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Hiking in Bulgaria: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Although not one of the best known countries in Europe, Bulgaria has an amazing history and, mainly, a virgin nature to explore

The Rila and Pirin mountains are the highest in the Balkan Peninsula and are a paradise for hiking, with national parks full of lakes and glacial valleys. In Bulgaria you will also find small thermal stations that are the perfect place to relax after a long day of hiking. Must-see: Rila National Park, Musala peak (2925 m), the glacier circus of the Seven Rila lakes and the classic Rila Monastery with its fascinating architecture. Check out our selection of guided hiking trips in Bulgaria and book your next adventure through Explore-Share.com.

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FAQs: Hiking in Bulgaria

What should I know about Hiking Bulgaria?

The main destinations for outdoor programs are located a short distance from Sofia and are also easily accessible by low-traffic roads, which reduces transfer times, compared to other European destinations.

Why should I choose Bulgaria for my Hiking adventure?


In Bulgaria there are 3 national parks, 11 natural parks and 17 biosphere reserves. Its biodiversity occupies the second place in Europe, after Spain.


Bulgarian culture has Thracian, Slavic, Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Celtic influences. This mixture gives Bulgaria a unique cultural exoticism within the European Union.


35% of the area of Bulgaria is occupied by forests. That is why hiking in Bulgaria is a luxury for lovers of outdoor sports.

What can I expect from the weather in Bulgaria?

The winters are cold and humid and the summers are hot and dry, although the climate is milder on the Black Sea coast. In summer temperatures reach 32º and they fall slightly below 0º in winter.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Bulgaria?


What currency is accepted in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria belongs to the European Union since 2007, however it has not adopted the Euro yet, and maintains its own currency, the "Lev".

How can I get to Bulgaria?

Sofia airport is connected to the main European cities. There are also domestic flights between Sofia, Varna and Burgas. Some express trains connect the capital city with several points in the country, and there is a wide network of buses both internally and to countries such as Greece, Turkey, Macedonia or Albania.

What’s the country code of Bulgaria?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Bulgaria?

The best seasons are spring and summer, from April to September.

What people are saying about Hiking | Bulgaria



All very nice, great guide in a beautiful range of mountains!



Wonderful 9-day hiking in the mountains of Bulgaria and Greece. It was easy to book a trip through the Explore-Share page. They responded quickly, everything was fine and well organized. My whole 9 days were very well organized. Guide picked me up on Sofia's airport and on the 9th day guide taken me back to the airport. Everything in between was organized by Top Guides Bulgaria. The physical effort was great, but it was worth it, wonderful views and very good emotions. I met three guides - Lyuben, Ruslan and Moni. They were very nice and friendly and very good guides. They kept my pace when hiking the mountains and helped and taught me if it was necessary. I felt safe and supported all the time. The hardest part for me was the last part of Mt. Olympus, climbing to the top, it took self-transcendence and a big effort. I haven't been rock climbing before. I am proud to myself that I made it. I was able to do this thanks to Lyuben's support, help and teachings. I am very grateful to him. When hiking in the mountains, you must be prepared to walk up the hill for several hours, which is physically difficult. At this time, wonderful views and feelings gives strength and the will to move on. Guide Moni had taken with him binocular. So we saw the animals and the birds more closer and he had knowledge to talk about them. In the mountains guide Ruslan talked about myths, local culture and nature. On the last day we had the city tour in Sofia. Guide Ruslan introduced me the historical buildings and told many interesting stories about history. All of it was very interesting to listen. The program of the days was very well structured. On the 5th day I felt physically tired and would not have been able to go hiking in the mountains straight away again. According to the plan, came the time to rest: Greece beach, the return trip to Bulgaria, a walk in the beautiful town of Bansko. After that I felt rested and enjoyed hiking in the mountains again. On the evenings of hiking days, you can relax: a delicious dinners in local restaurants, nights in lovely hotels and mountain huts, you can go to a mineral water spa, local market, etc. I am very satisfied and happy about this 9-day trip. Everything was very good. I have great memories and wonderful pictures of it. I definitely want to go back there, at another time of the year: to ski in the winter or to see waterfalls in the spring. Also, I would be happy to use the services of Explore-Share and Top Guides Bulgaria again when hiking in other regions.



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