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Top Hiking trips in Canada:




There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Canada:

From the mountains, canyons and glaciers of Alberta to the wild mountainous terrain of Yukon and so much more, Canada is home to some scenery that will take your breath away.



Good to know:

Country code



Canadian dollar

Best time to visit

May to September


English and French

How to get there

Fly to any of Canada’s main cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary, etc.) then transfer to your final destination


The weather varies a lot across Canada. The interior of the country is cold and snowy in winter with mild summers. Some parts of coastal British Columbia have mild winters and warm summers. Northern Canada tends to be covered in snow and ice for almost half of the year

More info about Hiking in Canada:

Situated right by the Canadian Rockies, Banff is home to a number of great hiking trails. Hiking here will give you access to impressive mountains, stunning lakes, glaciers and more. The Moraine Lake to Lake Louise is particularly interesting and varied. The awesome Chilkoot Trail is another great option too and gives you access to the best of Yukon and British Columbia



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