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Hiking in Chile

Discover the epic treks and trails along the Pacific Coast of southern South America!

From the Atacama Desert down to Punta Arenas, Chile is an astonishing destination filled with intrigue and wonder! Take advantage of its captivating diversity and culture by hiking through its varied terrain from the Pacific Coast to the top of the Andes!

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Mary Docter


April, 2022

3-day walking and sightseeing tour in Lauca National Park and surroundings, northern Chile

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Sam Mesikepp


March, 2020

6-day trek from Argentina to Cochamo, Chile via Paso El León

Jose was friendly, professional, and well-prepared. I really enjoyed seeing this part of the world, and couldn’t have done it without a guide like him. I would highly recommend him for any trips he offers.

Lorna Mc Breen


January, 2020

Ascent to Cerro Toco – San Pedro de Atacama

This is an easy assent! I ended up paying $200 for a two hour experience and an apple and piece of chocolate ( lunch 😳) If you plan on doing this hike which I highly recommend, don’t book it with these guys - total rip off!! You can go with a group for about $70 if you book locally from San Pedro! It’s a beautiful view from the summit! It’s not even hard to get there ( they drive you most of the way!) My guide was lovely, great chat, nice person but trust me $200 is a massive massive massive rip off for this ‘experience’

Rodney Jonasson


November, 2019

5-day “Highlights of northern Chile” sightseeing and walking tour, from Arica

Excellent trip, guide Helmut was fantastic, excellent local knowledge, great driver

Guy Wilson


April, 2019

Ascent to Cerro Toco – San Pedro de Atacama

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Kathrin Falk


April, 2019

Ascent to Cerro Toco – San Pedro de Atacama

Great experience ..... thank you for the great trip. I’m coming back to Chile.

John Desmond


March, 2019

Ascent to Cerro Toco – San Pedro de Atacama

The trip was great.  Christian was an excellent guide.



March, 2019

Ascent to Cerro Toco – San Pedro de Atacama

The trip was a great experience with a wonderful view! However, unfortunately the tour description does not fit with the actual tour. There was no breakfast with acclimatisation and the duration was shorter. Most important the tour was not guided by Christian, but by some of his employes which did not speak English so we didn't get much explanations except some fragments that we understood in Spanish. Therefore we were a litlle disappointed concerning the guide of this tour.



February, 2019

Laguna Cerro Castillo full day trek in Chilean Patagonia

Our Cerro Castillo trek was a highlight of our Patagonia trip. Our guide, Nacho, was a great hiking companion and very accommodating of our preferences, including what hike we wanted to do, what time we wanted to start in the morning and our pace. He also took the time to meet up with us the evening before to discuss logistics. He spoke great English and we had a truly memorable day.

Carl A Latkin


November, 2018

1-day hike to El Morado hanging glacier

The trip was awesome. Our guide Nicolas was extremely knowledgeable about the terrain and very helpful. He is an expert guide. The sights were beautiful. The office quickly responded to our request and questions and provided excellent information.

Dieke van der Doelen


November, 2018

Cerro Castillo classic trekking route in 4 days

The traveller did not leave a comment.



May, 2018

10-day Atacama trek and climb to Licancabur

I was really disappointed with Casa de Guias. It was not a terrible experience because Casa de Guias had found a wonderful guide and assistant although they did not know them (allmountain guide). As to Explore -Share I don´t intent to buy anything. I will write a full description of what happened by e-mail.

Arad Naveh


February, 2018

Laguna Cerro Castillo full day trek in Chilean Patagonia

Pere was great!!! Lots of great tips, great company- amazing guide!!!


There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Chile

The flora and fauna of Chile are as eclectic as the cultures dotting the mountains, deserts, coastline, and plains of this vast country. Each adventure yields its own unique cultural enrichment, from the Andes and the Atacama to Valparaiso and all the way down to Punta Arenas. Decide what amazing natural feature you want to hike and explore, and Chile will deliver!


Good to know:

Country Code





Peso (CLP)

Best Time to Visit

Depending on when you are traveling, you can visit Chile year round! Some of the higher altitude hikes are reserved for the summer months (December through March)

What is the Weather Like

The weather varies greatly across the country. In the north, the climate is arid, The ice field and high altitude weather can be volatile, with extreme temperatures in the south

How to Get There

Flying into Santiago is the most reliable mode of transportation to Chile. In the north, Arica and Antofagasta are great jumping off points for the Atacama Desert. Further south, Concepcion is a possible point of entry. Punta Arenas is considered a disembarking destination for Antarctica

More info about Hiking in Chile:

Chile is a country in South America known for tall mountains and long rivers. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the west and Argentina to the east. It also shares a border with Peru and Bolivia in the north. Its unique geographic shape lends itself to a compelling history, including a biodiversity and network of ecosystems that are the rare byproduct of its longitudinal range. Santiago serves as a major transportation hub in the center of the country, with many exciting programs taking place further to the north and south. The Andes Mountains on the border with Argentina serve as a hiker’s playground. The arid north offers a very different trek than the other elevated programs throughout central Chile and further south to the glaciated parts of the country

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