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Hiking in Colombia: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Colombia is a wild, exotic, beautiful and thrilling country full of raw natural beauty and an exciting culture, and hiking around the sensational scenery is one of the coolest ways to see it all!

Colombia is a country full of a wide arrange of truly gorgeous and stunning scenery, from the lush and green forests, to beautiful beaches all the way to majestic and massive mountains and volcanoes. Hiking is one of the best ways to discover the natural delights and massive biodiversity of the country, and the intoxicating, fun and amazing culture of the country will make you want to explore even more! Take a pick from our selection of hiking trips in Colombia and see what all the fuss is about!

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FAQs: Hiking in Colombia

What should I know about Hiking Colombia?

Colombia is a near-perfect hiking destination, as not only is there an insane variety in landscape, scenery and terrain, but the weather is consistently mild, making the hiking a truly enjoyable experience.

Some of the hiking can be quite challenging, so being fit and in decent shape before arriving will maximise enjoyment of the activity.

The villages, towns and cities in Colombia are full of fascinating and rich histories and culture which they are very proud of, providing endless hours of exploration and discovery, thus ensuring there is always something to see and do.

Why should I choose Colombia for my Hiking adventure?

The diversity

Colombia contains a massive amount of natural diversity, and is officially the most densely biodiverse per square kilometre country in the world. The Amazon Forest, Andes Mountains and beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans means that hikers have almost limitless choice in terms of what kind of setting they would like to hike in.

The weather

Due to its location on the equator, the weather in Colombia is consistently warm all-year-round, with 2 short wet seasons breaking up the year. This has resulted in a hiking paradise, as not only is hiking a year-round activity but it also brings out the best in the natural scenery, making for a truly memorable hiking experience.

The culture and vibe

Colombian culture is a riot of parties, carnivals, good food and late nights, with a heady mixture of influences from indigenous cultures, European immigrants and African cultures, resulting in it being one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world. The country is fiercely proud of its many successful musicians, athletes, artists and writers, who often gain great success in Latin America and even the rest of the world.

What can I expect from the weather in Colombia?

Consistently warm all year round due to its location close to the equator, with more rainfall in April-May and September-October

Which language is predominantly spoken in Colombia?


What currency is accepted in Colombia?

Colombian Peso

How can I get to Colombia?

Flights to Bogota and Medellin from all major South and Central American hubs.

What’s the country code of Colombia?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Colombia?

December-April and June-August, when there is minimal rainfall.

What people are saying about Hiking | Colombia



Me and my girlfriend took 4 day ascent to Nevado de Tolima. Our guide- Alex Torres was very friendly, helpful and responsible. I can highly recommend him as guarantee of safe and enjoyable hiking.



We did the Nevado Santa Isabel trip in Los Nevados (not listed specifically on exploreshare, but we asked if we could do it). It was really spectacular and the service was great.


Trip was perfect. Amazing landscape I've never seen before in my life and great adventure. Alex is a perfect guide you want to have in such trip. He knows region very well. Alex is attentive to details and adjust route and speed to your conditions. If I go to mountains in Colombia again, it would be with Alex. Thanks for such amazing trip.



Our tour was great and Alex is an awesome, well prepared and experienced guide. He told us a lot of interesting information not just about national park and its flora but also about Colombia culture, history and etc. My wife and I can definitely recommend him and the tour itself.



The trip was great and Alex did a fantastic job. Everything worked out fine and we had a great adventure!

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Need Assistance?

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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