Hiking in Denmark

Enjoy hiking in Denmark and discover the coastline and towns of this Scandinavian jewel.

The beautiful Danish coasts and flat stretches of land that lead to charming Scandinavian villages make Denmark a prime hiking destination, especially during the summer. Go hiking in Denmark and discover the land of Vikings and The Little Mermaid with one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com.

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Enjoy Denmark's beautiful and clean landscapes. It's lapping shores, cliffs, crisp green fields and forests with golden lighting, and its quiet gliding swans over glittering lakes will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.


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Country code





Danish krone

Best time to visit

During the warmer months, between May and September

How to get there

Flights to Copenhagen from all major international cities


Temperatures drop below 0 in the winter, between November and March, and are mild during the summer, between June and September

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Denmark’s Jutland peninsula and many islands, especially north Jutland, Zealand, and Funen, which are the most important, are a joy to explore on foot. The low sloping hills and the beautiful coastlines make Denmark a friendly hiking destination, and the small towns on the way are inviting spots to rest in. The island of Bornholm, located in the Baltic Sea, is another popular Danish spot for outdoor adventures. Plenty of beautiful hiking landmarks including dramatic rock formations and forests as well as breathtaking clifftop ruins and unusually sunny weather make it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The best time to go hiking in Denmark is during the summer when the long days and mild temperatures make exploring a must

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