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Hiking in Germany: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Rugged mountains, large evergreen forests, and blue lakes teeming with wildlife. Southern Germany has all of these things and hiking is the best way to experience them all!

From walks through the depths of the Black Forest at the banks of the Rhine River to hikes through the majestic and snow-capped Bavarian Alps, Germany is a veritable playground for hikers. Take advantage of the perfect hiking weather and spend a day or a week, exploring bucolic villages, ancient castles and pristine landscapes that abound in this stunning country.   Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Hiking trips in Germany. The mountains are calling!

Hiking in Germany

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FAQs: Hiking in Germany

What should I know about Hiking Germany?

While there is much more to Germany than just the two states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, they are certainly where you’ll find some of the best hiking. Arriving in Munich or Freiburg situates you perfectly for an excellent outdoor adventure.

Be sure to come prepared and enjoy a hut-to-hut trek, which is the best way to see whichever part of southern Germany that you choose to explore. None of the hiking here is very tough, but being in shape before starting the trip will ensure that you enjoy it more.

Be sure to check out some of the castles and medieval towns and cities scattered throughout the area too. The Neuschwanstein Castle, upon which Walt Disney famously based his signature castle, is a must see in the region.    

Rain is not uncommon throughout the year here, so be sure to pack extra clothes and appropriate rainwear in order to maximise your enjoyment.   

Why should I choose Germany for my Hiking adventure?

Stunning scenery

While Germany may not be renowned for its mountains, you won’t think that while you are hiking on and around them. The Bavarian Alps offer plenty of panoramic vistas and evergreen-tree clad valleys to keep you anxious to get that next view. Spending an autumn in the Black Forest, just as the leaves are changing, is also quite a treat well worth seeing at least once.

Disconnect for awhile

Anywhere in the region that you visit offer marvelous week-long hut-to-hut treks. These are perfect for disconnecting and focussing on part of the world you don’t get to see very often. With no wifi in any of these huts, there’s no need to check emails or messages. Take the time to relax and enjoy some nature!

Come for the culture

Either before or after you begin a hiking trip here, take advantage of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The south of Germany is dotted with numerous castles and full of ancient cities and towns. Visit Munich during September to enjoy Oktoberfest, but treat yourself to excellent beer here all year long.

What can I expect from the weather in Germany?

During the late spring, summer and early autumn, weather is mostly ideal for hiking. Average daily temperatures during this time range from 15ºC to 22ºC, ideal for walking. Rain is not infrequent throughout the year, but there are usually plenty of sunny and clear days as well.

How many days should I allocate for my Germany Hiking experience?

This depends on how much time you have available. Guides offer single-day hikes and week-long treks. Overall, a week or two should be sufficient time to explore southern Germany.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Germany?

German, English

What’s the country code of Germany?


What currency is accepted in Germany?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Germany?

May to October

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Explore-Share took advantage of my inexperience. I had asked for a beginner level trip, instead, they recommended me a rather advanced trip. Neither Explore-Share nor the guide were forthcoming with information until the very last moment. The guide sold my participation to another outfit about a week before the trip. Neither Explore-Share neither the guide are trustworthy and can be relied upon in making arrangements.



Rudi is an experienced mountaineer with a great deal of knowledge about the area and trails available. He coordinated closely with me to determine my skill level and objective for the hike. It was an absolutely terrific day.

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