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Hiking in Iceland: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Discover the simply sublime glacier-carved volcanic landscape that is Iceland!

Whether you are under the midnight sun or the midnight sun or the northern lights, Iceland is a simply spectacular place to head out and explore on foot. Experience various landscapes and marvel at all of the island’s geological phenomena. Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Hiking trips in Iceland. The mountains are calling!

Hiking in Iceland

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FAQs: Hiking in Iceland

What should I know about Hiking Iceland?

Sitting in the very north of the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is a truly unique place on Earth. Warm water from the Gulf of Mexico and volcanic activity beneath the island’s surface make it much warmer than it otherwise would be and opens up the possibility for simply amazing summertime hiking.

Aside from the aforementioned hiking hotspots, Vatnajökull National Park in the east of the country is another excellent place to head. Covered in an 8.1000 square-kilometer glacier, hiking across it offers plenty of chances to see the stunning surroundings. These high plateaus, volcanoes and mountains also make for excellent hiking destinations.

While not done as often, hiking in the spring and autumn is the best time of year to the wondrous northern lights. This is most often done on the Sólheimajökull glacier in November and March, when the chances of seeing the lights are the highest.

Why should I choose Iceland for my Hiking adventure?

Stunning scenery

Iceland has some unparalleled natural beauty and hiking is the best way to get out and see it. Crossing the country’s central glaciers is a great way to see how the sheer power of nature can carve a landscape. Heading to the coast is a great way to get some unforgettable views out over the pristine oceans. Hike up active volcanoes or climb seaside mountains, while you’re here too.

** The midnight sun**

Once you get as high in latitude as Iceland in the summer, you get to see the spectacle of the midnight sun. And in June and July, it’s more like the 3 am sun. This means that there is plenty of time to hike, even at night and the views can be seen all the time. If you are making a multi-day trek across the island, there’s no better time to do it.

Diverse terrains

In spite of its small size, there are plenty of different hiking experiences to have in Iceland. From the lava fields in the hilly uplands to the seaside cliffs and formidable fjords, there is no shortage of incredible scenery to explore. Whether you head to the north, south, east or west, an unforgettable hiking experience awaits.

What can I expect from the weather in Iceland?

During the summer months, average daily temperatures range from 10 ºC to 20 ºC. The summer months are also the driest time of year. However, the weather is quite volatile on the island and storms can sweep across the landscape without warning.

How do I get there

Any trip to Iceland will begin with a flight into either Keflavík International Airport (KEF) or Reykjavik Airport (RKV). From here, it is easy enough to rent a car, take public transport or catch a domestic flight to your final destination.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Iceland?


What’s the country code of Iceland?


What currency is accepted in Iceland?

Icelandic króna (ISK)

What’s the high season for Hiking in Iceland?

June to September

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