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Hiking in Italy

From Mediterranean panoramas to some of the most indomitable peaks in the Alps, Italy is a delectable destination for every type of trekker!

Feel the history in your hands on the Dolomites, peer out into the pure blue waters from Sardinian cliffs, and earn a glass of homegrown wine after a long day’s hike. No country provides such a beautifully diverse and manageable terrain like Italy.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Italy

We all know the Lake District in Italy is made up of top tier destinations, like Lake Como and Lake Garda. What you may not know is the complex network of hiking trails in Lombardy and around the lakes. Take a week to explore the terrain from Maggiore to Milan that includes gorgeous gardens and historic gems. Build on your trek by including a cruise or canyoning jaunt to make the most of your experience.


Good to know:

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Best time to visit

The summer is the most accommodating season, with a comfortable climate from Spring to Autumn. It can be fairly crowded in the peak summer months, so bookending a trip in April, May, September, and October may be right for you

What’s the weather like?

The diverse geology and land formations of Italy translate to a wide range of weather. The climate is generally comfortable, though high-altitude trips will be cooler and malleable. It is a bit stormy from Spring to Autumn in the northern areas, while the south is known to offer ideal Mediterranean conditions

How long should I stay?

Italy takes advantage of an array of terrain and landscapes, so you can spend a season losing yourself from island to mountain to coast and back again. Choose a program that features what you love and delve into the possibilities that an extended Italian vacation offers. A month or more in this Mediterranean paradise goes by pretty quick..

More info about Hiking in Italy:

Italy is arguably the best place to discover the perfect hike. The scenery in each region is as spectacular as it is unique, from Alpine meadow treks and vast vineyard tours to Mediterranean cliff views and historic village immersions. There are programs for every tourist and hiker of all levels. For more challenging hikes, a good level of fitness is required, along with the mental fortitude to complete a sustained excursion. With famous cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan located all across the country, coupled with the extensive coastline and Mediterranean islands, a trek through Italy is worth its weight in gold


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