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Hiking in Japan

Experience the island life on this fascinating country in the Pacific Ocean by trekking its peaks, valleys, and impeccable countryside!

With heavyweights like Mt. Fuji and Hakuba of the Japanese Alps, epic hikes from all nooks and crannies of this archipelago beckon to adventurers around the world. Explore the coastline, culture, and endlessly diverse terrain of this world-class outdoor paradise.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Japan

Japan’s main island, Honshu, is loaded with an incredible selection of mountains. There are tall, symbolic ranges (consider the Hida Mountains) complemented by visually stunning treks that leave every level of hiker satisfied. Tokyo isn’t too far away from Hakuba and Nagano, so access is straightforward and inviting.


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Best time to visit

June, July, August, and September are the best times to trek across Japan. Depending on the region, you may find some desirable hikes and programs in the spring and autumn, and maybe even all year round

How long should I stay?

With multiple islands of equally interesting landscapes and scenery, a true Japanese hiking trip could last a lifetime. Many programs spend the better part of a week delving into a particular area; some offer day-trips and others exceed a week. Your journey can string together the best programas of a region to cater to your adventurous appetite and tailor an extended experience that is built just for you

What’s the weather like?

With a generally temperate climate, Japan does have a wide range of weather. Hokkaido and the northern regions are infamous for winter snowfalls of the highest quality and relatively warm and comfortable summers. Honshu and the southern islands also have mild temperatures in the summer, with pleasant weather through spring and autumn. The rainy season lasts roughly six weeks, moving through the islands during the summer

More info about Hiking in Japan:

Japan boasts an incredible selection of terrain covering the entire spectrum. This leads to eclectic hiking adventures on every island. The fishing communities along the coast of Hokkaido complement mountain treks with culture, while the subtropical weather in the south boasts an entirely different scope of the biodiversity. There are an endless supply of adventures! Conditions are generous for snow and air quality, and access throughout the islands is more seamless than you might think. Whether visiting Okinawa and its historical impact, Sapporo and its role as a northern hub of culture, or the main island and its relentless mountain ranges, Japan is a destination just waiting to be explored!


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