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Hiking in Norway

Climb the famed Nordic fjords and heights of the arctic peaks

Packed full of thousands of icefalls under the frosty winter months and lush green rolling hills during warmer months, Norway is a natural rugged playground to experience nature under varying climates. And discover the wilderness that can bare the severe temperature in wild Norway, like the reindeer and the Arctic fox. Visit any time of the year for different climates to hike in Norway.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Norway

The landscape of Norway was once completely covered in a thick ice sheet during the ice age. As the thick layers of ice started to move, it carved out the deep valleys that now dominate the terrain of Norway. As the ice started to melt it filled the valleys, forming the famous fjords of Norway. Now it forms the picturesque background to some of the world’s best wild hiking trails.


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Best time to visit

Visit any time of the year for different climates to hike in Norway

What's the weather like?

Winters are characterised by cold and snowy conditions with short hours of daylight, especially the more northern regions. Summer receives warmer temperatures and midnight sun

More info about Hiking in Norway:

The Nordic nation of Norway lies in the northwest of Europe, and has a population of just over 5 million. Its long eastern border is shared with Sweden, while to the northeast it is bordered by both Finland and Russia, and to the south by the Skagerrak strait. Its rugged coastline breaks up into thousands of islands and fjords with much of the country punctuated by piercing mountain peaks

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