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Hiking in Poland

Trek to the Tatras and see a side of Poland you never knew before!

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Poland is a country in northern Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the west, Czechia and Slovakia to the south, and Ukraine and Belarus to the east. It also shares a border with Lithuania and Russia. It is well-known for its cultural wealth, which can be seen in its architecture and literature. Poland is proud of its vast and varied countryside, which includes vital rivers like the Oder. The lush forests and wheat fields are symbolic of its vibrant life. The Stolowe Mountains accompany the Tatras and Krakow-Czestochowa Uplands as some of the southern portion’s most compelling natural features. Morskie Oko, a lake hidden in the depths of the Tatras, is a charming reward for hikers who are ambitious enough to find it.




Good to Know


What is the Weather Like

The weather varies from region to region within Poland. The entire country has a temperate climate, with the warmer areas in the south. Winters tend to be cold, while summers are pleasant and warm. The weather can be volatile in the mountains, though proper planning can combat any adverse conditions.




Polish zloty (PLN)

How to Get There

Getting to Poland is easy and its network of transportation between cities helps travelers. There are major airports in Gdansk for northern treks, Warsaw (the capital) in the center of the country, and Krakow in the south. Berlin is also within 100 kilometers of the Oder and the western border.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to take a hike in Poland is in the summer. Warmer weather and an agreeable climate make June through September the peak season. Crowds are not usually a problem.






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