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Hiking in Poland: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Trek to the Tatras and see a side of Poland you never knew before!

With a cultural gem like Zakopane as a starting point, you can hike through the High Tatras on the southern border and their network of mountain huts! Take in the mountain scenery of Poland and discover the alpine lakes and meadows that are nothing short of enchanting!

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FAQs: Hiking in Poland

What should I know about Hiking Poland?

Poland is a country in northern Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the west, Czechia and Slovakia to the south, and Ukraine and Belarus to the east. It also shares a border with Lithuania and Russia. It is well-known for its cultural wealth, which can be seen in its architecture and literature. Poland is proud of its vast and varied countryside, which includes vital rivers like the Oder. The lush forests and wheat fields are symbolic of its vibrant life. The Stolowe Mountains accompany the Tatras and Krakow-Czestochowa Uplands as some of the southern portion’s most compelling natural features. Morskie Oko, a lake hidden in the depths of the Tatras, is a charming reward for hikers who are ambitious enough to find it.

Why should I choose Poland for my Hiking adventure?

Fun for Everyone!

Treks in Poland are designed for every skill level of trekker. There are options for determined hikers that can last over a week, or you can spend a day or two meandering through the pristine countryside. The options are endless and accommodating!

Diverse Terrain!

Because of its wide geographical boundaries, Poland offers many different natural wonders. The Baltic coast in the north has its own charm that separates it from the higher mountain regions in the south. Rivers and lakes are everywhere, as are cultural villages for history buffs. You will want to plan extra time to compare and contrast all of its amazing landscapes.

Tatra National Park!

These mountains have everything! With an up-and-coming hub like Zakopane as a starting off point, treks will encounter the fascinating flora and fauna of the region. The park is home to an abundance of serene alpine lakes, a perfect compliment to the lush forests. With over 270 kilometers of hiking trails, it would be difficult not to enjoy this slice of wilderness paradise.

What is the Weather Like

The weather varies from region to region within Poland. The entire country has a temperate climate, with the warmer areas in the south. Winters tend to be cold, while summers are pleasant and warm. The weather can be volatile in the mountains, though proper planning can combat any adverse conditions.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Poland?


What currency is accepted in Poland?

Polish zloty (PLN)

How to Get There

Getting to Poland is easy and its network of transportation between cities helps travelers. There are major airports in Gdansk for northern treks, Warsaw (the capital) in the center of the country, and Krakow in the south. Berlin is also within 100 kilometers of the Oder and the western border.

What’s the country code of Poland?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Poland?

The best time to take a hike in Poland is in the summer. Warmer weather and an agreeable climate make June through September the peak season. Crowds are not usually a problem.

What people are saying about Hiking | Poland



Marcel is an excellent guide, teacher and now friend. Our trip was one of the most amazing trips we have experienced in the mountains. The scenery, the trails, the challenge was amazing and we are currently booking our next trip with him. Highly recommend :).



Great service and very knowledgable; also an excellent motivator!



Marcel was an awesome guide! The hike was the highlight of my trip to Poland



The hike was much more difficult than I was prepared for but it was worth every view! Marcel is a very experienced guide and very patient, and has a lot of knowledge about the Tatras mountains and surrounding regions. I would recommend Marcel to anyone who is looking for a guided trek or tour in the Tatras / Carpathian ranges, either in Poland or Slovakia :) P.S. Hiking poles are good to have while descending from Rysy peak. Thank you very much!



The guide Jakub was the best!  He is an excellent guide and a great person, always with a smile on his face, even when I was slow ... He told me about the local nature and history. Very smart guide and good person, I felt very safe with him.

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