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Hiking in Russia

Hike the high Caucasus Mountains, discover the world’s largest playground

High mountains ripple out into the far distance, beyond the eye can see. A wave of solitude sweeps the valleys. Hiking in the Russian wilderness feels as if you’re treading virgin footsteps on unknown territory. Outdoor activities are the best way to explore nature, and the enormous size of Russia makes it seem like the world’s biggest natural playground. Visit in the warmer months between July and September for prime hiking conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Russia

Russia’s enormous territory acts as an endless natural playground perfect for hiking. The Caucasus Mountains stretch between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. It is home to the imposing Mount Elbrus, which is the highest peak in the whole of Europe at 5,642 meters. Walking the trails of Russia introduces you to some of the most spectacular scenery.


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Best time to visit

Visit in the warmer months between July and September for prime hiking conditions

What's the weather like?

A continental climate dominates the territory of Russia, featuring hot summers and very cold winters. Yet most of northern Russia features an arctic climate

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The transcontinental country of Russia lies along Eastern Europe and North Asia. Covering more than one-eighth of the land on the planet, it is the largest country in the world, yet with a population of approximately 147 million Russia is just the ninth most populated country on Earth. Despite its vast territory, the majority of its citizens, around 77%, live in the western part of Russia

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