Horseback Riding in France

Ride through the iconic landmarks of the stunning French Alps

The classic wild outdoors of France have long been an attraction of outdoor enthusiasts who come to the iconic Alps for all sorts of adventure, including horseback riding, which presents a unique form of discovery. Visit all-year round for ideal horseback riding conditions.

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Horseback riding provides a special way to explore the iconic wilderness of the Alps. Instead of using your own hands and feet to get to grips with the wild, hop on a well-trained horse and enjoy the fresh, clear air while riding it through the plains and meadows.


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Visit all-year round for ideal horseback riding conditions

What’s the weather like?

Weather varies greatly between regions: the northern cities and mountain towns have very cold winters (with heavy snowfalls on the mountains) and warm summers; while the coastal cities by the Mediterranean enjoy mild temperatures almost all year and very hot days during the summer season

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France is the largest country in Western Europe. Incredibly diverse, a trip to the country allows many possible itineraries. The glaciated peaks of the French Alps are the perfect scenery for all types of mountain activities, while visiting the wine regions of Champagne and Bordeaux makes for a singular experience. To the south, the French Riviera allures travelers with sun-drenched beaches and the island of Corsica, tucked in the Mediterranean Sea

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