Horseback Riding in Mexico

Discover the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Mexico on horseback!

Connecting North and Central America, Mexico is home to many diverse landscapes and climates. Heading out on a horseback riding adventure is a great way to see as much of this incredible country as possible! Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Horseback Riding trips in Mexico. The mountains are calling!

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There are many reasons for choosing Horseback Riding in Mexico

Boasting 5,000 meter high snow-capped volcanoes, white sand beaches, rugged red rock deserts and pristine white sand beaches, there is plenty of incredible scenery to discover in Mexico. Heading out on horseback is a great way to cover larger distances and see more of this stunning place in less time.


Good to know:

Country Code:





Peso (MXN)

Best time to visit:

December to April

How to get there:

Many trips to Mexico begin with a flight into Mexico City International Airport (MEX). From here, it is possible to take connecting flights to your final destination or transfer into the city and meet your guide

What’s the weather like?

Mexico is home to a wide array of different climates. During the mountain biking season, southern Mexico has average annual temperatures ranging from 24 ºC (75 ºF). The north of the country tends to be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Rain falls most often in the winter and mostly in the south of the country.

More info about Horseback Riding in Mexico:

Sprawling over 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,610 sq miles) and boasting 15 different climate types, there is a lot of Mexico to discover on horseback, Among the top spots to explore on horseback is the Yucatan Peninsula near Cancun. From here, there are many great options to ride along the beach in Tulum or through the coastal rainforest. Heading out on horseback to explore one of the colonial-era cities in the center of the country is another popular option. Touring San Miguel de Allende allows horseback riders to visit all of the city’s iconic sites for more comfort and less time than on foot. Heading into the mountains is another great option for horseback riders. From the Sierra Gorda to the Sierra Madre, there are plenty of scenic rides, all of which yield beautiful views and a chance to see Mexico’s unique geological formations

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