Ice Climbing in Japan

Rise to the frozen challenges in the Pacific Ocean and discover the world of ice climbing Japan!

From Hokkaido and its long winter in the north to the iconic objectives on the main island of Honshu, Japan has a bevy of icy destinations to climb. With mountains like Akadake in the Yatsugatake and the frozen waterfalls of the Daisetsuzan, this country has plenty of reasons to grab your ice axe and head to the Pacific.

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There are many reasons for choosing Ice Climbing in Japan

Japan has a unique culture that can easily be added into your trip. On Hokkaido, the intimate fishing villages and personalized hospitality can enhance your adventure, especially after a day on the ice. If winter wilderness is what you seek, you came to the right place.


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Best Time to Visit

Ice climbing is best done in winter. January and February are the perfect months to take on the frozen walls of Japan, though early and late trips in winter can provide great conditions, too


The weather in Japan tends to be nice and cold throughout winter. It can be volatile at high altitudes, but the climate provides a high snow fall and low temperatures to keep the ice flowing and frozen throughout the season

How to Get There

Getting to Japan requires flying into one of its islands. For the island of Honshu, Tokyo is the best choice. The Shinkansen and the train network can easily get you where you need to go. For trips to Hokkaido, the New Chitose Airport serves the Sapporo hub, and the northern island also has efficient bullet trains and public transportation. Rental cars are readily available at most major cities

More info about Ice Climbing in Japan:

Japan is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, comprised of four large islands and many smaller ones – more than 6,850 in total throughout the archipelago. Its wide geographic range lends to a diverse climate, which means ice climbing can be found in a few different locations. In the northern island of Hokkaido, the long and cold winters provide perfect conditions for an ideal climb, while high-altitude spots on Honshu, the main island, also have great ice ascents. The main cities of the country are connected with trains, and even traveling between islands can be done with public transportation. Tokyo is the capital of the country, located on Honshu, and it provides a nice starting off point for trips to the Japanese Alps. To head north, take a train through the Seikan Tunnel or fly into Sapporo and you will be in the heart of Hokkaido


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