Ice Climbing in Switzerland

Enjoy immaculate ice falls and epic alpine ice climbing expeditions in mountainous winter sport paradise!

From the numerous ice falls of Zermatt and multi-level ice climbing challenges in the Swiss Alps to the challenging but rewarding ice climbing courses and opportunities near Bern, Switzerland is fully equipped for all your ice climbing needs. Whether it is your first time using an ice axe and crampons or you are a seasoned climber, there is always something new for you to experience in the land of mountains and glaciers. Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Ice Climbing trips in Switzerland. The mountains are calling!

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Frozen waterfalls are a spectacular site. Even more so when you are halfway up one. While everyone else is out skiing, enjoy the spectacular Swiss scenery in another way. Glaciers and ice falls also present excellent opportunities to get in some climbing and reward yourself with a pristine view from the top.


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Swiss franc (CHF)

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December to February


German, French, Italian, English

How long should I stay?

This depends on how much time you have. Many guides offer a range of options from single-day ice climbing trips to courses lasting several days. Overall, a week is sufficient time to explore much of the ice climbing available in any given location

What’s the weather like?

The weather varies throughout Switzerland during the winter. However, on average, you can expect average daily temperatures between -2ºC and 7ºC in the valleys. Higher up in the mountains temperatures are colder. Most of the time, the weather will be tranquil enough for ice climbing, but storms are not infrequent

More info about Ice Climbing in Switzerland:

While Switzerland is certainly more well known for its skiing opportunities, there is no shortage of ice climbing here for those seeking it out. Flying into Bern or Zermatt is your best option to get out onto the ice as soon as possible. All sorts of ice climbing from courses to challenging climbs may be found scattered around these two locations.   For those looking to get into winter mountaineering, ice climbing builds a good skill set that comes in necessary on numerous expeditions. For those looking for a spectacular view, ice climbing get you up to spots that are inaccessible in the summer, such as frozen waterfalls and gives you a different perspective of the country than hiking, mountaineering or ski touring can as well

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