Discover the gleaming greens, rugged cliffs, and shimmering shores of Ireland on a unique adventure led by one of the guides at!

Also known as the Emerald Isle due to its many hues of green, Ireland is a top location for outdoor adventures. Discover the beautiful landscapes of this European gem on a long hike, on a rock climbing adventure, or on an unforgettable water sports program led by one of the certified guides at!

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There are many reasons for choosing Ireland

Ireland boasts amazing coastlines with rugged cliffs and crashing blue-green waters as well as vibrant vegetation that comes in many shades. It is no wonder it is also referred to as the Emerald Isle!


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Country code



Irish, English

Best time to visit

During the warmer months between May and October


The Irish weather is mild and humid, with a lot of rain showers year-round and occasional snowfalls in the winter, mostly in the Wicklow Mountains

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Located in the north-west of Europe, Ireland is a stunning island with Atlantic coastline to the west and the Celtic Sea to the south. It boasts coastal mountains with low plains, rocky cliffs, and a wide variety of stunning shades of green. Discover the wonders of Ireland on a unique outdoor adventure with one of the guides at

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