Discover the Mediterranean island of breathtaking beauty

The Mediterranean nation of Malta is home to many scenic and stunning landscapes despite its small size. Cliffs and beaches, hills and pastures cover the archipelago that provide a great deal of gems to encounter while discovering the country. Visit all-year round for various conditions in Malta.

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There are many reasons for choosing Malta

The islands of Malta make up an archipelago of limestone rock that, although are located in the south of Europe, are actually further south than the capitals of Tunisia, Algeria, and Syria. The islands are framed by beautiful sandy beaches and bays, and are also characterized by high hills and fields.


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Country code



Maltese and English, with Italian also widely spoken

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Visit all-year round for various conditions in Malta

What’s the weather like?

The climate of Malta is Mediterranean, with mild and quite wet winters and hot and dry summers

More info about Malta:

The island country of Malta is located in the south of Europe in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 50 miles south of Italy, 176 miles east of Tunisia, and 207 miles north of Libya. Small in stature, Malta is the fifth most densely populated country, whose land is the high point of a land bridge between Sicily and North Africa, which had been submerged by the sea

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