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Mountain Biking in Canada

Discover the immense mountains, cosmopolitan cities and stunning shorelines of Canada by bike!

From fat bike expeditions in the remote and harsh Yukon territory to a half-day cycling trip through the historic center of Quebec City, Canada has so many different mountain biking options to choose from. Whether it is your first time on a mountain bike or your thousandth, Canada has a trail to wow you and leave you craving more! Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Mountain Biking trips in Canada. The mountains are calling!

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Biking in Canada

Boasting endless prairies, snow-capped mountains, massive deciduous forests, rugged coastlines and so much more, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Heading out on a cycling or mountain biking adventure is one of the best ways to see as much of the country’s stunning natural beauty as possible.


Good to know:

Country Code:



English, French


Canadian dollar

Best time to visit:

June to September

How to get there:

Canada is a big place, so depending on where you want to go, you will likely fly into any of the main cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec and Calgary. From here, it is easiest to rent a car and drive to the start of the trip

What’s the weather like?

Since Canada is so large, various parts of different climates. The interior tends to have hotter and drier summers, while the two coasts tend to be more mild. Rain is not infrequent in British Columbia or on the eastern seaboard either

More info about Mountain Biking in Canada:

To say that Canada is large is an understatement. Sprawling over nearly 10 million square kilometers (3.9 million square miles), Canada is the second biggest country on earth. While there are tens of thousands of different mountain biking options and tracks spread across the entirety of the country, some of the most popular are located in the eastern half of Canada. Among these is Mont Tremblant National Park, in the province of Quebec. The mountain may be more modestly sized than many farther west, but there are still more than 50 kilometers (30 miles) of trails to explore, including some steep descents and other more peaceful woodland traverses. On the other hand, those looking for a real challenge may want to try out a multi-day fat bike expedition in Yuko. Utilizing wider tires, cut through snow and explore some of Canada’s least populated sections of wilderness. While it may not be easy, the rewards are ample in terms of peaceful, remote and absolutely stunning mountain scenery

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