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Mountain Biking in Chile: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Chile packs much landscape and scenery in to its relatively small size, from the mighty Andes mountains to the arid deserts and vast canyons and valleys, and mountain biking is one of the most fun and thrilling ways to experience it all!

Mountain biking around Chile is a truly unique and incredible experience, as the majestic and towering Andes Mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the wide array of landscape, scenery and terrain available to mountain bike around. Take advantage of the excellent and resplendent conditions, whilst also making time to discover the history and culture of this fun, fascinating and naturally gorgeous country. Take a pick from our selection of mountain biking trips in Chile and go for the ride of a lifetime!

Mountain Biking in Chile

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FAQs: Mountain Biking in Chile

What should I know about Mountain Biking Chile?

Chile contains an impressive amount of raw natural beauty for a country its size, and nestled within these beautiful spots are some of the prettiest mountain biking spots one can imagine, with the epic views and wide open spaces providing a near-perfect setting.

The capital city of Santiago is a great place to fly in to and head off mountain biking from, as the compact nature of the country allows easy access to most parts of it.

Some of the mountain biking can be quite challenging, so being fit and in decent shape before arriving will maximise enjoyment of the activity.

The villages, towns and cities in Chile are full of fascinating and rich histories and culture which they are very proud of, providing endless hours of exploration and discovery, thus ensuring there is always something to see and do.

Why should I choose Chile for my Mountain Biking adventure?

The scenery

From wide open, arid deserts to lush green fields and of course, the mighty and majestic Andes Mountains, Chile contains an impressive array of scenery for a country its size. The vast tracts of open space allows for excellent mountain biking conditions, with crowds at a minimum and ample opportunities to take in the gorgeous views.

The weather

Chile has some of the best weather for mountain biking, with long, warm Summers and relatively short Winters. Rain is most common in the Winter months, however the Northern part of the country is extremely dry and rarely receives much rain or cold weather. This ensures the best possible mountain biking conditions, especially in the dry deserts.

The history and culture

Chile has a long, rich, distinguished and fascinating history, from its Inca heritage, to Spanish rule, independence and the military dictatorship in the late 20th century, and there is much to explore and discover. The capital city of Santiago is a truly thriving and modern world city, and the many villages and towns that dot the landscape each have their own distinct and unique history and culture.

What can I expect from the weather in Chile?

Relatively warm all year round, although temperatures can get quite cold at night during Winter.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Chile?


What currency is accepted in Chile?

Chilean peso

How can I get to Chile?

Flights to Santiago from all major European and South American hubs.

What’s the country code of Chile?


What’s the high season for Mountain Biking in Chile?

Spring or Autumn, as there are less crowds and ideal weather.

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