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Mountain Biking in France: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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The French Alps at your feet while pedaling

In France, you will be surprised not only by the majestic Mont Blanc, but also by its incredible trails, lakes and forests that invite you to ride a bike and get as far as you can. Enter the Chamonix valley until you reach the small town of Le Tour and enjoy one of the best mountain biking experiences you will ever have. If you like adrenaline, you should go to Iseré, where there is a ski resort that has the Crankworx mountain bike downhill track. Although it is not a technically difficult route, it is very challenging due to its great inclination, with 1650 meters of altitude, where you will obtain the fastest speed in two wheels.

Mountain Biking in France

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FAQs: Mountain Biking in France

Why should I choose France for my Mountain Biking adventure?

French gastronomy

Food is the main pride of the French. It is impossible to visit France and not enjoy its rich and wide gastronomy. If your economy does not allow it, there are always alternatives. With a little money you can try at least two of its emblems: cheese and a good bottle of wine.

Spectacular scenery

France has a unique and varied natural heritage. An example of this is on the coast and its cliffs. At the opposite side there are the mountainous landscapes of the French Pyrenees. Finally, the volcanic lands of the Auvergne region are not far behind and invite us to enjoy the best outdoor activities.


France is a European country that borders on different important tourist regions, so it is very accessible to arrive from several points. If you come from Spain or another neighboring country, you can travel by train, plane, car or even motorhome, which are rented at a good price.

What can I expect from the weather in France?

France has a great diversity of climates, so the temperatures depend on the region. On the west coast there is a warm climate and rain throughout the year, while in the centre of the country summers are hot and winters are cold with little rain. In the south, there is a Mediterranean climate.

Which language is predominantly spoken in France?


What currency is accepted in France?


How can I get to France?

For people who live near France the best alternative is the car. The network of roads and highways is good and large.

For those who come from other points, it is best to go to Paris by plane or train. Undoubtedly, the jewel of France is the TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse), a high-speed train that connects, for example, Paris with London in 2,5 hours.

What’s the country code of France?


What’s the high season for Mountain Biking in France?

The best season is in May, June, July and August. During March, April and September, the climate is mild and there is not so much tourism, so it is also a good option.

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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