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Mountain Climbing in Canada

Conquer the wild Canadian beauty among the Rocky Mountains

Climb classic Canadian landscapes that dominate western parts of the country. Epic waterfalls, great glacial lakes and mighty high mountains. Come to conquer great peaks, and put yourself among the immense wilderness of North America. Visit between the months of May and August for ideal mountain climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Canada

The Canadian territory is a unique place. Not only because of its size and geography, but for the number of lakes, rivers, flora and fauna. It contains a considerable amount of fresh water, much of it emanating from its countless lakes that exceed 2 million. And the forested regions spread across its countryside, guaranteeing mountain climbs in the pure American wilderness.


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Best time to visit

Visit between the months of May and August for ideal mountain climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

Weather in Canada can be extreme, yet the summer months are consistently pleasant, with moderate to warm temperatures. The mountainous regions tend to avoid severe weather during the summer, though the continental climate of the interior can be dramatic

More info about Mountain Climbing in Canada:

Canada is the northernmost country in North America, sharing a border with the United States predominantly to the south as well as to the west via Alaska. Known for its wide open landscapes and forested wilderness, this multilingual country has everything a thrill seeker could possibly want. Mountain-top glaciers run down into crisp rivers that cut through the jagged mountains and hillsides for a never-ending playground of gorges and canyons. From east to west and back again, all within proximity to major transportation hubs

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