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Mountain Climbing in Chile: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Scale the smoky Andean summits and dramatic rock formations of Chile

Rocky, rugged, high and challenging. The terrain of Chile forms the perfect natural playground for exciting mountain climbing. Scale steamy volcanoes in the Central Volcanic Zone, ascend summits with a rich and flourishing flora in the background. Visit between December and March for quality mountain climbing conditions.

Mountain Climbing in Chile

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing in Chile

What should I know about Mountain Climbing Chile?

Chile forms a curious long and narrow strip that is squeezed between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andean mountains to the east. The country is 2,653 miles long, yet just 110 miles wide on average. Chile borders Peru and Bolivia to the north and northeast, while to the east it borders Argentina, with which it shares much of the Andes. To the south of Chile lies the Drake Passage. Its extreme length creates a deep diversity of climates and terrain, with the mountains playing a prominent role.

Why should I choose Chile for my Mountain Climbing adventure?

Volcanic neighbourhood

The Central Volcanic Zone in western South America forms one of the major volcanic neighbourhoods along the Andes. The high rising Ojos del Salado is home here, which at 6,893 meters is the world’s highest active volcano, as well as being the second highest mountain in both the Western and Southern Hemisphere, peaked only slightly by Aconcagua (6,961 meters).

Rich and rugged environment

The landscape that surround the giant mountains and stratovolcanoes are home to unique environments. It’s punctuated with green lagoons, volcanoes that at times can be covered in snow even in the summer, and vast desert that rolls beyond the eye can see. This picture-perfect country is also home to flocks of flamingos, coots, ducks and foxes that populate the lands and wander among the high altitude territory.

Rewarding challenges

Chile is home to naturally challenging terrain that forms a high and rocky border with Argentina. Its territory provides spectacular beauty that requires a lot of effort to capture some of the most unforgettable rewards of mountain climbing. Mountain climbing here demands strong levels of fitness and previous climbing experience. And once you reach the peaks, you’ll capture breathtaking views of the Andes.

What can I expect from the weather in Chile?

The mountains of Chile receive temperatures that are much cooler than other regions of the country, as well as experiencing a windy and dry climate.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Chile?


What currency is accepted in Chile?

Chilean peso.

What’s the country code of Chile?


What’s the high season for Mountain Climbing in Chile?

Visit between December and March for quality mountain climbing conditions.

What people are saying about Mountain Climbing | Chile



Christian was an amazing guide and made sure everyone was safe and looked after. It was an awesome experience.


Lautaro did a truely amazing job!!!!



Jose Miguel is a very professional guide and I enjoyed the experience on Calbuco very much. Thanks for everything!



It has been difficult for me as the one group member who did not speak Spanish fluently to be and feel included, as most group conversations happened - understandably - in Spanish. Very fortunately, two fellow climbers spoke English very well, which was very important to exchange information and have good conversations in general. I recommend to non-Spanish speaking climbers to either join a trip like that with a friend or learn to speak Spanish very well. I can get through while traveling in South America with my rudimentary Spanish, but it is insufficient for me to follow or participate in Spanish spoken conversations.



I had a wonderful time on my journey to the top of the Osorno Volcano and cannot recommend Huella Andina enough. José and his team were very good at communicating with me from the moment I booked my trip. While I had been initially a little hesitant, unsure if I had enough experience for this trip, José was very clear about what to expect and assured me that my prior experience was definitely sufficient, putting my mind at ease. The trip itself was very well organized. My guide, Falco, picked me up from my hostel in Puerto Varas. I was able to stay in the Teski Refuge the night before the ascent, enjoying a delicious dinner and breakfast prior to the start. The climb became a little technical, as conditions were icy toward the top, but Falco was an excellent lead, telling me exactly what to do once we started to use the ropes. The view from the top was very special as you climb above the sea of clouds and see other volcanoes in the distance. If you are planning a trip to Osorno, I highly recommend Huella Andina Expeditions to take you all the way to the top! Can't wait to come back to Chile and do another trek with them!

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