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Climbing Cerro la Paloma

Conquer the glacial face of Cerro la Paloma, scale an Andean summit

Rising among the collection of peaks that beautify the capital of Santiago, the Cerro la Paloma can be seen in the city background. Scaling the summit of Cerro la Paloma is relatively easy as it is a low technical climb, as well as being conveniently connected to the Chilean capital. Visit between the months of November and March for ideal mountain climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Cerro la Paloma

Cerro La Paloma is located in the Mapocho river basin in the Yerba Loca Valley, a sanctuary for stunning mountains and miles of solitude. Its southern face is visible from the city of Santiago, and is covered by glaciers that distinguishes it from the other Andean peaks, making it a magnet for mountain climbers.


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Best time to visit

Visit between the months of November and March for ideal mountain climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

Temperatures in the Chilean Andes are much cooler than the other regions of the country. The dominant climate in the north Andes is dry

More info about Mountain Climbing in Cerro la Paloma:

Forming part of the picturesque Andean background to the sprawling capital of Santiago, Cerro La Paloma is one of the higher peaks. The mountain is one of the higher summits visible from the city after Cerro el Plomo and Cerro el Altar. It stands at 4,910 meters above sea level and is a highly accessible mountain to conquer, being open to beginners, yet also provides something for those with more climbing experience

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