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Colombia, the world's second most bio-diverse country as a whole, is the most diverse country in terms of bird species. Whether this is surprising or not, it is impressive for a country with an area of just over 1.1 million square kilometers. The 40,000-plus plant species will supplement your climb, offering a new perspective to beauty at every elevation increase. There are few places as unique and relentless in their natural aesthetics as the high altitude regions of Colombia.



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Best Time to Visit

December through March are the best months to visit, boasting the most popular and common mountain climbing trips. Depending on your objective, it is possible to take on some of the mountains are various times throughout the year

How to Get There

Bogota is centrally located, so flying into the capital is the best way to get there. Direct flights connect much of North and South America, with some flights to Paris and London. Within Colombia, buses run efficiently, though it takes a longer amount of time


While most of the country is tropical, the high mountain areas have a much different climate. At extreme altitudes (4,000m+), constant snow and ice is common. Cold weather defines the Andes, and mean temperatures fall below 10 degrees (Celsius) once you exceed 3,000 meters

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Colombia is a country in South America bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Known for its mountainous terrain, the country has myriad options for intrepid mountaineers, from the Andes reaching across the southern border to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the north with the country’s tallest peaks (Pico Simon Bolivar and Pico Cristobal Colon at 5,700m). The countless options objectives across a wide spectrum of altitude and terrain include rainforests, deserts, high plateaus, and savannas. Most of the populations are in the elevated central part of Colombia, making access to a majority of the mountains and climbs manageable



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