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Take off to the Andes north of the equator and reach summits over 5,000 meters on a mountain climbing trip in Colombia!

Between the three sub-ranges of the Colombian Andes and the second highest coastal mountain range in the world – the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, there are few mountains that won’t impress you as a mountaineer. The highest peaks of the country are some of the world’s most prominent, while the Andes have seamless access to the towns and cities of this incredible beautiful, diverse, and wonderfully unique South American country.

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Colombia is a country in South America bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Known for its mountainous terrain, the country has myriad options for intrepid mountaineers, from the Andes reaching across the southern border to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the north with the country’s tallest peaks (Pico Simon Bolivar and Pico Cristobal Colon at 5,700m). The countless options objectives across a wide spectrum of altitude and terrain include rainforests, deserts, high plateaus, and savannas. Most of the populations are in the elevated central part of Colombia, making access to a majority of the mountains and climbs manageable.



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While most of the country is tropical, the high mountain areas have a much different climate. At extreme altitudes (4,000m+), constant snow and ice is common. Cold weather defines the Andes, and mean temperatures fall below 10 degrees (Celsius) once you exceed 3,000 meters.




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How to Get There

Bogota is centrally located, so flying into the capital is the best way to get there. Direct flights connect much of North and South America, with some flights to Paris and London. Within Colombia, buses run efficiently, though it takes a longer amount of time.

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Best Time to Visit

December through March are the best months to visit, boasting the most popular and common mountain climbing trips. Depending on your objective, it is possible to take on some of the mountains are various times throughout the year.




What People Say

  • 6 reviews


The trip to the summit will challenge you even if you consider yourself fit and healthy. The feeling at the
summit is insane – like winning a sports championship. You really have to push through mentally and physically to make it
John Ballesteros for Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
I booked a four days trip with Alex to climb Tolima. Alex is a very experienced mountain guide and also
very socialable. He knows to ask you the right questions to make your climb successfully and well organised. Unfortunately I got sick and had to break up at 3700 metres. Alex cared the rest of the time about me while I was recovering in the mountain hut and later in the hotel. Alex is also a great doctor not only a excellent mountain guide. Thx for taking care of me. See you soon, Felix
Felix Hohlfeld for Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
I had a blast! While challenging (both physically and mentally) the guides supported me throughout the entire trip. It was
great to make the summit, and get some of the most spectacular views that only Colombia can offer. Totally recommend doing this expedition!!
Kevin Uruena for Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
The trip was great and Alex did a fantastic job. Everything worked out fine and we had a great adventure!
Franziska Sperb for Ascent to Nevado del Tolima
We summited Nevado del Tolima last August. We really had a great trip and Alex is a very good guide.
You can see part of the ascent and summit in the following video, starting on minute 8.40:
We did Nevado Tolima’s South Face ascent from Ibagué. It was very good. Alex and the cook were professional and fit. The
only thing was it was almost impossible to do it 3 days. 4 days would have been better and it would have been nice to know that before we started. But I really liked the trip. It was hard though.

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