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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Bogota:

Bogota is the 3rd highest capital city in South America and indeed the world, situated on a high plateau in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes. This means the city is surrounded by many mountains, each containing some uniquely thrilling and enjoyable climbs. Some of the nearby peaks such as Pico Concavo (5170m) and Pico Toti (5071m) are mountain climbing highlights, with each providing truly epic and awesome views out over the gorgeous Colombian countryside.



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Colombian Peso

Best time to visit

December-March and June-August, which are the dry seasons

How to get there

Flights to El Dorado International Airport from most major North, Central and South American hubs


The same throughout the entire year, with daytime averaging 20 degrees celsius and nighttime averaging 8-9 degrees celsius. Wet seasons from April-May and September to November

More info about Mountain Climbing in Bogota:

Due to the high altitude location of Bogota and its surroundings, it is recommended that one spends a few days in the city acclimatizing to the altitude before undertaking any mountain climbs. Temperatures can get very cold closer to the summits of the mountains, so please pack and wear appropriate clothing so as not to get caught out



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