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Mountain Climbing in France

Ascend alpine heights and capture snow-filled panoramas

The picturesque peaks of the French mountains have a long and rich history of mountain climbing. Having hosted Olympic games and developed its infrastructure, the eastern and southern regions of France, home to the Alps and Pyrenees, offer world-class mountain climbing for different levels surrounded by pristine, rugged landscapes. Visit between June and September for ideal mountain climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in France

France is home to a large collection of high peaks, which as among the highest in western Europe. The Grande Casse rises to 3,855 meters in the Graian Alps and is the highest point within the Vanoise National Park. The Barre des Ecrins stretches 4,102 meters in the French Alps, while the king of the mountains is Mont Blanc, which soars to 4,808 meters, and is the highest point in western Europe.


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Best time to visit

Visit during the warmer months between June and September for ideal hiking conditions

What's the weather like?

The French Alps receives a warm and temperate climate during the summer months, with a frequent splash of rainfall. The average daily temperature in July is 26 °C

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Extending from the Mediterranean Sea in the south, to the North Sea and English Channel to the north, France is one of the major locations for world-class outdoor sports, especially rock climbing. It shares a border with Spain and Andorra to the southwest, Belgium and Luxemburg to the northeast, Germany and Switzerland to the east, and Italy and Monaco to the southeast. Much of its territory is bound by nature: the Pyrenees and the Alps in the south and southeast, while the Rhine cuts through the border to the east

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