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Mountain Climbing in Kyrgyzstan

Tackle the titans of the Tian Shan with a background of breathtaking beauty

The small Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan is dominated by rugged and high rise mountains. Alpine lakes, stunning valleys, waterfalls and glaciers provide beautiful backdrops to some of the most thrilling and challenging climbs. Bordering China, the Tian Shan mountain range provides peaks beyond 7,000 meters and unparalleled adventures. Visit any time of the year for quality mountain climbing conditions in Kyrgyzstan.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Kyrgyzstan

Home to immense mountains, lush landscapes and massive spaces of solitude, Kyrgyzstan is prime territory for world class mountain climbing. The Tian Shan includes the country’s highest peaks of Pobeda (7,439m) and Lenin Peak (7,134m) Achieving your goals may be a tall order, but the abundant mountains offer fascinating climbs with an eclectic mix of thrilling expeditions.


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Visit any time of the year for quality mountain climbing conditions in Kyrgyzstan

What’s the weather like?

Depending on your location, the climate of Kyrgyzstan can vary drastically. The Tian Shan and its high elevation changes between continental to polar with frequent freezing temperatures, while the southwest part of the country offers a subtropical climate that can reach upwards of 40 degrees (Celsius) in the summer

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Located in Central Asia, the landlocked nation of Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. The unique landscape of Kyrgyzstan ranges from mountains and valleys to rivers and lakes, which offer a wonderful background for thrilling mountain climbs. The larger objectives, like the Tian Shan and sustained expeditions in the north and east, require a high fitness level and proper training. Climbing here also requires acclimatization due to the high altitude and towering summits

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