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Mountain Climbing in Mexico

The country where it is always a good time to climb a mountain

Although as the year progresses the first rains appear, in Mexico this is not an obstacle for a good mountain climbing adventure. In fact, this is the time with the best landscapes and the highest quality of snow. In addition to the climatic conditions, Mexico has a geography that makes it one of the most mountainous areas of the American Northern Hemisphere. Its mountains combine incredible views with trails for all types of physical and technical levels. Take a look at the mountain climbing trips we offer at Explore-Share.com. Remember to hire a certified guide who can take you to the chosen summit safely!

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Mexico

Incredible peaks such as Pico Orizaba, Iztaccíhuatl or La Malinche are located in Puebla. Besides being a technical and physical challenge, each mountain keeps its own charm ... and its own ancestral secrets! As you ascend, you will not only enjoy an exciting journey to the summit, but a journey through time.


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SOME SUGGESTIONS If you want to test your physical and mental abilities and live an experience of deep natural immersion in Mexico, you can not miss a guided mountain climbing tour in Pico de Orizaba, Nevado de Toluca, Iztaccíhuatl or La Malinche, among many others. Some of these peaks are very close to Mexico City, just a few hours from civilization

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