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Mountain Climbing in Mexico: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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The country where it is always a good time to climb a mountain

Although as the year progresses the first rains appear, in Mexico this is not an obstacle for a good mountain climbing adventure. In fact, this is the time with the best landscapes and the highest quality of snow. In addition to the climatic conditions, Mexico has a geography that makes it one of the most mountainous areas of the American Northern Hemisphere. Its mountains combine incredible views with trails for all types of physical and technical levels. Take a look at the mountain climbing trips we offer at Explore-Share.com. Remember to hire a certified guide who can take you to the chosen summit safely!

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing in Mexico

What should I know about Mountain Climbing Mexico?


If you want to test your physical and mental abilities and live an experience of deep natural immersion in Mexico, you can not miss a guided mountain climbing tour in Pico de Orizaba, Nevado de Toluca, Iztaccíhuatl or La Malinche, among many others. Some of these peaks are very close to Mexico City, just a few hours from civilization.

Why should I choose Mexico for my Mountain Climbing adventure?


Incredible peaks such as Pico Orizaba, Iztaccíhuatl or La Malinche are located in Puebla. Besides being a technical and physical challenge, each mountain keeps its own charm ... and its own ancestral secrets! As you ascend, you will not only enjoy an exciting journey to the summit, but a journey through time.

A capital city surrounded by mountains

It is very difficult to find a cosmopolitan city surrounded by high peaks. That is what you will see if you visit Mexico City. You will be in a big city of skyscrapers and buildings, but at the same time, surrounded by nature. The most surprising thing is that these peaks are invisible to the locals, who are usually used to the landscape.


After an exhausting trip through the high mountains of Mexico, you deserve a few days of rest in its paradisiacal beaches. On the west coast, you will enjoy the Pacific Ocean and amazing places like Acapulco. At its eastern end, the Riviera Maya awaits, with white sand beaches and Caribbean waters.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Mexico?


What currency is accepted in Mexico?

Mexican Peso and US Dollar

What’s the country code of Mexico?


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outstanding guide Mesh (and cook "heraldo?"), understanding, knowlegdeable, supportive, empathetic, safe, and great fun!



Great trip - Alvaro and the boys took care of everything for my wife and I during the Trilogy/Triple Peak Trip! Food, transports, tents, gear - all went well. Gustavo, Meesh, Abrahim, Dani, and Oscar were awesome guides and got us there and back. They even helped with a flexible itinerary to help changes in our party's schedule.



Everything was organised perfectly from pickup to drop off in the last day. You do not need to think about anything except your tracking and just enjoy your trip.



Very happy with online and guidance support. Although Gustavo is relatively young guide his hiking and motivating skills are spot on! Overall highly recommended



The trip was great. We were well looked after both during the climb and in the base camp. Mesh our guide was helpful and attentive. I highly recommend 3 summits. I would recommend making sure you are acclimatized before hand.

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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