Climbing Mount Aspiring

Climb one of New Zealand’s snowy peaks on your next adventure.

In the Southern Alps of New Zealand, you’ll find Mount Aspiring, or Tititea as it is known in Maori. At 3,033 meters, it’s actually the tallest mountain in New Zealand outside of the Aoraki / Mount Cook region. Climbing to the top is an awesome snowy challenge, not to be missed on a trip to NZ. 

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Mount Aspiring

From spectacular beaches to towering mountains and everything in between, New Zealand offers many diverse landscapes within a small scale, that means that you can see a lot in a short space of time.


Good to know:

Country code



English and Maori

Best time to visit

November through April


New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

How to get there

Fly to Wanaka then drive


In the winter temperatures during the day average around 10°C. In summer the average day time temperature sits at around 24°C. However these temperatures are significantly lower higher in the mountains. Mount Aspiring has snow cover for most of the year

More info about Mountain Climbing in Mount Aspiring:

The main routes to the top are the north west route and the south west route. The south west route is more technical but neither route is easy. You do not need to have a lot of mountaineering experience however to take on this climb. The trek to the summit normally begins with a helicopter trip to basecamp. The different routes take anywhere from 10-15 hours so a climb is normally broken up and done as part of a 5 day expedition.   

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