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Mountain Climbing in Russia

Go beyond the beaten track on your mountain climbing adventure.

Sitting at the junction between east and west, Russia is home to some spectacular mountains. Whether it’s the Altai Mountains in the south, the Ural Mountain Range that runs down from the north of the country or the Caucasus mountains that wind through the south, there are many great places to do some mountain climbing. 

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Russia

This is the ultimate Russian climb. Considered the highest peak in Europe, climbing Elbrus is no easy feat. It can be made even more difficult depending on which route you choose. The sense of satisfaction you get in the end though will make it all worth it.


Good to know:

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Russian ruble

Best time to visit

June through September are the best months of mountain climbing

How to get there

Fly to Moscow, then take internal flights to the closest city to the peak of your choice


Winters are cold with average temperatures around -8 degrees celsius, the summers are mild with temperatures around 19 degrees celsius. The weather is much colder in the mountains

More info about Mountain Climbing in Russia:

Mount Elbrus is the ultimate Russian mountain climb. At 5,642 meters, it’s the highest mountain in Europe. Climbing this mountain is an immense physical challenge. The south side route is the most popular but there are more routes to choose from which will alter the difficulty. Another great mountain to climb is Mount Belukha which sits at 4,506 meters and can be found in the Altai Mountain range. This is actually a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mount Kazbek in the Caucasus sits at 5,033 meters and is another awesome option, it’s not technically that difficult but it will definitely test your endurance

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