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Explore the mighty mountains of the United States on your ultimate climbing trip.

There are so many possibilities in the US when it comes to mountain climbing. The  Cascade Range to the west provides many peaks including Mount Hood and Mount Ranier. Then there’s the Sierra Nevada range and the Rocky Mountains- and that’s just to name a few. These mountains are often set within stunning national parks and are filled with well-maintained trails for climbers.  



Top Mountain Climbing Trips in United States




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Mount Shasta, in the Cascades, is a great climb. It sits at 4,321 meters and is one of the largest stratovolcanoes in the world. Neighbouring Mount Hood at 3,429 meters is also a good option and is not too difficult to climb. Mount Ranier is the tallest mountain in the Cascade range and not an easy climb. It’s worth it for the 360-degree views of the Cascades though. On the other side of the country, you’ll find Mount Washington, a challenging climb with challenging weather conditions. And if you’re really after a challenge, there’s Mount Denali in Alaska, the tallest mountain in North America and the third most prominent in the world.




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The climate in the US varies by region. The northeast has cold winters and mild summers. The west has wet, cool winters and dry cool summers. The south, particularly southeast almost has a tropical climate.




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The United States has many international airports. To access the west LAX is a good option, for the west any of New York City's airports will work. From there you can take a car, bus or transfer to your final destination or take an internal flight.

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The Northern hemisphere spring and summer months are the best times to visit. However, if you're looking for a winter climb then you should chose the winter months.




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Kaf Adventures is fantastic. I could not have asked for a better experience with my Intermediate Mountaineering class I took
with Kaf. The instructors were knowledgeable, excellent teachers, supportive, and fun. I felt like I was in excellent hands. And I actually got the chance to use my new skills on our climb of Mount Baker, as I took a short fall and self-arrested! I had a great time climbing Mount Baker and improving my mountaineering skills with Kaf. Highly recommended.
I just got back from a 3-day Mountaineering Intermediate course on Mt. Baker, and I couldn’t be happier that Kaf
Adventures lead the way. Weather was ideal the first 2 days but on summit day the decision was made to stay put as conditions were questionable and miserable. Our 3 guides (Joel, Archer and Todd) were absolutely fantastic – extremely knowledgeable and high-energy and I loved how they infused the trip with their own personalities and experiences. They were constantly assessing and checking in with us to make sure we were all comfortable physically, mentally, spiritually. 🙂 It was a feeling of complete comfort, which was most welcome in an environment I’m naturally a little terrified of. Can’t wait for my Rainier climb with Kaf, and to take more courses. I definitely recommend them, and can’t say enough good things!
My next second training was an Intro to Mountaineering 3 day trip at Mt Baker. Our group included 5 clients,
3 instructors (Paul, Matt and Archer) and 1 Kaf intern (Austin). The Kaf team members were absolutely delightful people – very knowledgeable, approachable, patient and inspiring.  They did an excellent job preparing us for the mountain as well as keeping us safe & in high spirits despite some pretty gnarly weather that rolled through! Our summit attempt was cancelled due to a storm that hit Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning, but they kept us busy with training the entire time (not to mention very well fed!) The third training was a 3 night trip up Mt Rainier via Emmons Glacier. Paul, Archer and Austin again led our group (3 clients) up, up and to the summit! They were very attentive to everyone’s condition the entire time – climbing Rainier was physically & mentally exhausting, and they knew when to encourage us to press on & hold back when needed. I definitely plan to climb more mountains in the NW and continue my training through Kaf Adventures. Absolutely recommend them to anyone who’s excited to learn how to handle themselves up high
My partner Ross Eckert and I took the Intro to Mountaineering Course on Mt. Shuksan in early September. Archer and
Amber were such amazing instructors as well as generally awesome people. The weather was just a little less than ideal (pretty much constantly wet and cloudy) but their attitude and advice made the experience even that much more meaningful. They thoroughly taught us the skills we set out to learn and happily answered all of our questions. The insight they provided has left a lasting mark and we can’t wait to continue this journey. We hope to definitely keep in touch and couldn’t recommend Kaf Adventures enough!!

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