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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Argentina:

Cordoba is synonymous with "fernet" and "cuarteto". Fernet is an alcoholic drink combined with coke that you should try while dancing a cuarteto, the most famous and fun dance in the province.



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Argentine peso

Best time to visit

During the spring and summer: from September to March


In Cordoba the dry climate predominates, with hot summers and cold winters but with few winds

How to get there

The province of Cordoba is accessible from anywhere in the country, although from Buenos Aires there is a greater variety of options. The province's airport receives several international flights

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In Cordoba you will find a wide range of accommodations, some of them located in beautiful natural areas, surrounded by crystalline water streams and labyrinthine gorges. Whether you stay in the capital city or at the foot of the mountains, you will have the opportunity to share a delicious meal, talk to local people and learn about their interesting culture



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