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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Meteora:

Not only is Meteora unique for the odd shape of its pillars and rock formations, but perched upon each one of these is a monastery. There are 6 in total, with nobody quite knowing how or why they were established there. There were previously many more in the area, and this historical quirk has led to many people visiting to catch a glimpse of their strange locations.



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Best time to visit

April-October, when the weather is warmest and conditions driest

How to get there

Fly to either Athens or Thessaloniki, and then either train, bus or car from there


Warm Summer, with temperatures averaging 24-27 degrees celsius, and relatively cool Winters, with temperatures averaging 8-10 degrees celsius

More info about Rock Climbing in Meteora:

Some of the rock climbing can be difficult, so being in good physical shape beforehand will be beneficial to your enjoyment of the activity. The way of life in the Greek countryside retains many historic customs, traditions and cultures, and is much slower-paced than city life. Try and learn and understand a bit more about these cultures whilst visiting



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