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Rock Climbing in Japan

Sleeping volcanoes, rugged coastal rock, and steep sacred summits

The wild mountainside of Japan has strongly influenced its history, culture, and customs. And with the abundance of mountains has cultivated a strong rock climbing scene. Japan is made up of a stratovolcanic archipelago that stretches over 3,000 kilometers, offering breathtaking alpine scenery. Standing out of the crowded peaks, Mount Fuji is the highest and most symbolic summit in the country. Visit between July and September for prime rock climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Japan

The geography of Japan is perfectly suited for stunning alpine climbs on the rugged slopes. Rock climb on the deeply iconic dormant volcano of Mount Fuji, the highest point in the entire country. The Hotaka mountains that stretch across three regions offer incredible rock climbing opportunities. Which ever area you choose to visit, you’ll have a rich collection of climbs available to you.


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You can visit all year round

What's the weather like?

The north of the country receives a humid and continental climate, while the south experiences a subtropical and rainforest climate. And its coastal geography results in a high level of rainfall each year

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Located in the far east, the island nation of Japan lies just off the coast of continental Asia. Comprised of approximately 6,852 islands, with most of the population residing on the four largest islands. Most of the terrain is rugged and carpeted in forest, with a liberal sprinkle of volcanoes scattered across the islands. This creates a wonderful natural playground for rock climbing, and is accessible for all types of climbers

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