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Rock Climbing in Scotland

Chalk up those hands and get ready for an amazing rock climbing adventure!

Take advantage of all the different climbing terrains and options that Scotland provides. Whether you are just a beginner honing your skills in the eastern Highlands or a pro testing your skills on the Isle of Skye, this amazing country has got you covered!

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What people are saying about these trips

Madalina Matei


August, 2022

Introductory Rock Climbing Course in Ben Nevis and Glencoe

Thanks to Scott for a great intro to trad climbing day. We learnt about all the necessary basics needed for leading trad and my partner got the chance to lead a diff. It was his very first trad lead and he was extremely happy to have the opportunity, with Scott on a static rope beside him to check gear placements etc. Scott was very knowledgeable, answered all questions we had and was overall a great teacher. Would book more activities with him in the future.

Uta Schorn-Rhodes


August, 2022

Ascent of the In Pinn on Skye Island

Our guide Will Manners was great. He was very patient with us and made us feel safe throughout. We would highly recommend him to anyone planning to climb the Inn Pin. It was a fabulous experience and some members of the family are already planning the 2-day traverse of the Ridge.

John Rodigan


October, 2021

Ascent of the In Pinn on Skye Island

Almost died, but didn’t. 5/5

Matt Haag


September, 2021

1+ day Rock Climbing in Scotland

Fantastic experience in glorious weather. Paul did a great job in keeping us all safe while setting us some interesting challenges. Highly recommended!

William McEwan


June, 2019

1+ day Rock Climbing in Scotland

Paul is the man! Great guide.

Anne Stewart


August, 2018

Winter climbing in Highlands, Ben Nevis and Cairngorms

Euan is an excellent leader and seems to have a great gift of knowing the abilities of those he is leading. He definitely creates even more enthusiasm and enjoyment : even when I am going to have a really great day, he makes it even better!

Ian McIntosh


July, 2018

Winter climbing in Highlands, Ben Nevis and Cairngorms

Some of the best days I have had in the winter hills have been those guided by Euan. The climbing is always challenging, for me, but his calm reassurance and expertise always results in an enjoyable and memorable day.I am already looking forward to doing more routes with him next winter!



June, 2018

Climbing and scrambling in Scotland

Euan was great and I would recommend him to others.

Jim Parsons


June, 2018

Winter climbing in Highlands, Ben Nevis and Cairngorms

I was fortunate enough to have Euan as my Guide for my first alpine adventure. Euan’s patience, knowledge and humour made our trip challenging, rewarding, educational and above all fun. I would not hesitate to book him for future outgoings and recommend him highly to anyone who is looking for a guide in the mountains or on the crag.

Paul Murphy


March, 2018

Winter climbing in Highlands, Ben Nevis and Cairngorms

Spending a day in the hills with Euan is always a pleasure: Summer or Winter he will always ensure that you’re experience of the day will be remembered. His leadership style and skills are excellent and he is always willing to instruct and pass knowledge on no matter what the activity is.


There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Scotland

Everywhere you go in Scotland there is something different to see. From endless summer days on the Isle of Skye to the rolling hills and mountains of Cairngorm National Park, there is natural beauty here around every last bend.


Good to know:

Country Code



Pound sterling


English, Scottish Gaelic

Best time to visit

From April to October is the best time for rock climbing in Scotland with the peak months being June through September

How long should I stay?

This mostly depends on how much time you have. There are plenty of different options for rock climbers from single-day ascents to an entire week of climbing and exploring different parts of the country

What’s the weather like?

The weather varies greatly across Scotland. In the western Highlands there is plenty of rain all year long with mild temperatures during the spring, summer and autumn. In the east of the country it is much drier with similar temperatures throughout the year

More info about Rock Climbing in Scotland:

Scotland is a beautiful and diverse country and there is probably no better way to experience this than by rock climbing. Though many guides offer climbing trips year round, the best time to go is during the summer when it is light for more than 12 hours each day. As far north as the Isle of Skye, it never really gets properly dark in late June and early July. While Scotland boasts a diverse landscape with a low population density, many of the top spots are right nearby small hamlets and therefore easily accessible for single day ascents. Remember: Scotland is part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom; it is NOT part of England

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