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From the heights of Mt Triglav to the rock faces of Karavanke Mountains, Slovenia boasts more than 100 rocky crags that are just waiting for you to climb!

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Slovenia is a small Central European nation bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. It is dominated in the north and northwest by several subranges of the Alps, where most of the rock climbing in the country takes place.

Most trips to Slovenia will begin with a flight into the international airport near Ljubljana, the capital. Many guides offer to meet you here before heading to the north to begin your rock climbing trips. If you have the time, spending a day or two in the capital is well worth it. Taking in some of the architecture and sample as much local food and wine as you can.

Once you head up north to begin your rock climbing adventure take in as much as you can. There are three subranges of the Alps, each of which has excellent climbing opportunities. There are also a number of other idyllic towns and cultural sites in the north as well. When you’re not on the rocks, see as much of this beautiful and special country as you can!




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What’s the weather like?

During the summer, temperatures are moderate, but can get all the way up to the mid-30s. As autumn begins, temperatures become quite pleasant again. The country does not get much rain during the summer and autumn.

How long should I stay?

This depends on how much time you have. Many guides offer half-day and single-day climbing trips at a specific location, while others offer week-long trips that involve climbing various mountains and route.



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June to September, but some guides also offer trips from April to October.






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I don\'t properly understand Explore Share\'s role here. I just wanted to use a small local guiding company and I was forced to do booking through Explore Share. And finally third party, Kofler Sport took care of guiding. Kofler Sport and especially Greg\'s job was excellent.
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Saku Vuorela
Strong recommendation. Walking poles could ve been useful support for hiking part.
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Joni Lehtonen
The reviewer did not leave a comment
Anton Bergström
1) The guide : Really nice person, and experimented climber. I always felt safe with him. He had a plan A and a plan B, if the plan A was too hard for me. 2) The trip. First time mixt climbing, and i really enjoyed it. The slovenska route is more funny to climb than going to the summit from the hut ! So i really recommend going with Luka anywhere you want to go, especially because there are so nice mountains in Slovénia
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