Rock Climbing in Seoul

Although it's one of the most cosmopolitan cities on Earth, Seoul is also home to an extensive mountainous geography that makes it a good destination for outdoor activities.

The South Korea’s capital, located in the northwest of the country, is surrounded by eight mountains, being Mount Bukhan the highest point (836 m). Its amazing landscapes, mainly formed by mountains and rivers, are marked by the traces of many years of war but also by opportunities to explore its natural mysteries. Find here below, our selection of guided rock climbing tours in Seoul.

There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Seoul

The Noryangjin fish market is one of the largest in Korea and has more than 80 years of history. The stores have tanks full of almost anything that can be fished in the sea. Raw fish sashimi, fish stew and seafood are the most popular goods to buy.


Good to know:

Country Code





South Korean won

Best time to visit

From August to October

How to get there

Seoul has two international airports, for domestic flights and other destinations. Seoul also has one of the most extensive subway systems that interconnects all districts


Because of its frontier location, summers are generally hot and humid. There is a rainy season between June and July. August is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 22 ºC to 29 ºC. Winters tend to be cold with an average temperature between –6ºC and 1ºC, and 28 days of snow per year

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